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released February 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Blacc Ski Weekend Industries New York, New York

Blacc Ski Weekend Industries

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Track Name: ringleader uv tha loud pacc
The pendulum swing
Right back into the hour hand of spaghetti blacc
You on the cutting room floor
Decapitated by my axe
That's my ace
Even tho niggas recognize my microphone
I lay waste
If I walk by yo crib
and the lights is on
I'm the ringleader
Count em
You seein double
Best believe you ain't trippin from a mothafuckin fever
Cousin leave it to cleaver
When I cut right thru yo loud pacc
Dissect the grind
Isolate yo cream
And make it mine
Lookin at me
Mean muggin
Bitch what's with the madness
You thought
I was treally gonna break you off
For the gratis
Get at this,
Junkyard bitch
But don't come backwards
Like mucc
All over ya face
Don't make you attractive
You wouldn't mix my slaps
With weak raps
The same way
Niggas be mixing smack with some crack
I'm ghost
what you still hear most is my laughter
Handle my business with no love
For you bastards
I thought u said this time u comin clean
But what I do next
Lay my hands on the bitch like a damn touch screen
You ain't bigger than shit
Wherever yo route
We can go toe for toe ho
And I'ma knock ya lights out
Cuz I can hop out the back seat of this cop car
And hit a gangsta pose
Peep how niggas get down on ten toes like pros 'spose
Squat low like I'm bouta inspect the grass beneath my feet
But really doe i'ma let my nuts hang
And tea bagg this bangin ass beat
Let em know we some uncanny Gangsta Native Alien Turflings
Don't take us lightly
We buzzing
Rationalizing is not working
We bugging out the club
Cuz the funk come from the soil
Soulless we disperse
From a corpse after my verse
Track Name: Goulash Supreme
niggas commit so many fumbles
It really make you wonder
the game set up for me to lose
I bring thunder
Fools rush in the spot
I had to quit
I'm outie on the under
Won't hit the same spot till summer
With a fake beard and a hair cut
Switch gears
Now I swear my game is car repair
With a hunnid g's stashed away safe up in my safe
Close down shop
And plot my great escape
Tell everyone I'm goin fishin
Fuckin fake my own death
But the body is still missing
So I got the task on my step
Set sail
I will prevail
And prepare
A monstrous tale
The mail gaze
The apple of my eye
No more games
So much fuckin paper
Gotta count the shit in pages
Redirect the council of clients
To those young niggas
See if they worth
What we supplying
While these niggas sedate
I resurrect
Come thru in some new coup
Yo crew gon havta wait
Waiting for someone
To elucidate
You lucid mate? Don't trip
End up on the loose with lupus
I ain't Cupid cuddi
Regroup and swoop on yo units
When I shoot
Ya whole plan go up in smoke
Like my grams
To the top
I'ma reach
But if I can't
I'ma preach
Puff leaf
Liver belly cowards
You disgust me
We bussin in on yo spot
Fuck whatever you be discussin
You gonna crumble
When I scrap macs
Its a bloodbath
Buggin out
Yeah nigga run that
I stick and peel
Creep ain't comin away empty handed
Run the whole train just for change Like some bandits
So tell me what the outcome is
We got more gold than some fucking alchemists
Track Name: tabs of steel
Dribble the verse if I done lit hot skittles
Deliver the curse my cuddi be killin them worse
Lookin for pills in your purse
Check game
I chop it wit the best
Underespizzect my name
That's why I'm aiming at yo neck
Tilted like unbalanced stilts
Come correct
Before dawn creeping out the creek
Wit them sharp ass alligator teeth
You mark ass
Get cut on the beat
Like tall grass
Cuz I'm about ta shut down game
And haul ass
Appalled I gas on the mic
But just for cash
Say what
Serrated the ol slut up the gut
Sedated we gives a fuck about Nathan
We buck
Before we bump heads with basics
We break em
Baking Betty Crocker cakes
Got these niggas talkin bout
I can't believe it ain't land-o-lakes
A gram got you going ham
That heem & e done twist my spleen
And I'm on lean wit amphetamines
It's settled spaghetti already
Comin chemically with everything
Popping up off the kettle
It's incredible
Regiments rip in any weather bitch
Check a grip
Gold fronts plus tabs of steel
Made the microphone trip
A psycho hyphen one man cypher
Will get it hype in
Time to ignite on zero hour at midnight
I'm detonating
Sketti sport more blacc than a
With the hatred
That can't come fake
Like the nigga that made this
Rise in my name and honor the game
I'm gone with steel strap raps
With cocaine
Better get the thermometer
I'm vomiting on ya moniker
Responding to your honor
Always flaunting on some monitor
And taunting
Toting toast
Eyes Fried off the tonic bruh
Despite I know i'ma remain ghost
And go so bad when I handle a host
Scandalous hoes
Under my vogues
Thunder is bumpin crushed dust
Up my nose
Lookin for suction I'm somethin real cold
Concussions be coming cuz I'm on a roll
Niggas be talkin bout throwin some blows
But the situation is under control
I explode
Unload on em
Hallow tips made of gold
I put the whole clip on em
Double click bitch
Lookin innocent
We put the stick on em
Cuz I put a damn hit on em
He got lit like a candle by the goddamn wick
Get wicked sicc wid this bish
Track Name: duals
It's time to check the
Funk yes it's the myrderer
Kick a rat ass bitch out to the curb
These cats ain't had to participate
And stank up the game on some perpetrate
Pervin on my mind
What we gon do with em
Whole crew go through em
Stick em for the dividends
Leave no evidence
We huffing pestilence for breakfast
Bubonic fungus bruised
Stem thicker than a necklace
Sour face behind the clip
From the Molly drip
We shut down ya spot
Like some Somalis kid
Rippin beef
Check my beats up in the funk
Ain't u heard
U is scurd
To be heard
On the curb
Bless my erb
These niggas always after my neck
So i'ma blackout back out with my tech
Spaghetti got sauce up in yo face like a mobster
Reppin the Blacc ski weekend mafia
Covered in blood like a monster
I'm on the run
Rapping on traccs like a tommy gun
My niggas look up to me like a general
I said we gon make it to the top like criminals
I beats a busta on beast
I crease another motherfucker
Cut ya face out
Mail it to the judge
He threw the case out
Tryna get my mind right
In time to get my swerve on
Lookin at these skeezers
Witta mind fulla perv on
You ain't got a dime's worth of dirt Holmes
We blow zones of indo that homegrown
Now I'm off center
from me own dome
Spit and break my denchers
Clenched On the microphone
Track Name: niggas better scatter
You might have dissed that ho when she wasn't around
But when she came to town
You turned into the biggest bitch now
How you sposeta deserve respect for some ol shit like that
These hoes got u caged in a maze
Like a test lab rat
We the best out the beast coast
No strip mall raps
My name might come off funny
But i'm takin yo money
Niggas better scatter
Staggering from my dagger
Scanning volumes of data
Clapping on dusty ass rappers
You might hear some laughter
But best believe this a disaster
Heads finna splatter
If niggas don't scatter

I don't walk up in the club
Lookin for love or to chatter
Niggas better duck cuz buck buck
Crackas niggas better scatter

Snorting on that blow
Me nostrils air tight
You been kicking up a shit's worth of dust all night
I'm stoned off the planets
Call me abraxas
Finna make white boys hang
not just from tha rafters
These bitches wanna reconcile
But shit don't matter
Rap slanger churnt serial killer
Niggas finna scatter

Game tight betwixt a glove and a knife Like OJ
Poppin off like one ice cube
From the whole tray

They got me locked up
In the human zoo storage
Wearing nothing but orange
And eating on some cold porridge
Like I ain't important
Just the prison's biggest import
Niggas knocking off heads
Another never ending blood sport

Bath salts in the wound
Call me squeaky clean
Bitch get on yo knees
And lick this jimmy dean
Track Name: fall bacc (radio edit)
You besta holler atcha boy mane
He better pump his breaks
We some unreasonable schizos
Ain't takin no shit
from a fake
But I'll break into yo whip
To pull a caper
Handle my business
At yo function
Fuckin up yo bathroom
If I can't find the pills
Then I start trippin
I ain't got time to wait
I'm in the kitchen hallucinating
Playing with knives
If ya crew wanna see me
I'm gouging out niggas eyes
Gimme fifty feet nigga
Think y'all been playing me to close
Hyperventilating misbehaving
Witta mind full of pencil shavings
Write these rhymes bout how I'm chillin
Sicc needing penicillin
Bitches bleedin when I feel em
First they eat me and swallow children
Then they feed me when I kill em
Carve em hallow cuz I'm starvin
Maggots comin out they carcass
Blood leak out they apartments
Don't be beefin over hoes
Don't be grieving over those
I be brief like come and go
Chalk outlines be on the flo
Chalky lines be up my nose
Eskimo up in the snow
Niggas wanna throw some bows
But I swing axes on my foes
I'm off my axis
I ain't askin
Gimme yo cash
Before I'm flaccid
Grab a casket cus I'm blasting
Microphone tearing cuz I gassed it
Fall bacc motherfucka
You don't want this
My eyes red
Nose twitching lips twisted up off some cat piss
And I can't miss
I'll shoot the fuckin roof off yo crib
Hop in
And pistol whip yo shit for brain assed kids
I'm bringing napalm to the pay phone
In the booth
firing off on cats who stray way wrong
And That's the truth
Squeeze triggers till I bust nuts
I bring the fucking ruckus
So back the fuck up off us
Or get smacked up in a coffin
I'm often
Coughing chronic exhaust
Got me lost
And I'm poppin
Toe tags like a boss fuck the cost
Cuz I'm all in
Comin up
Flanked out to the sides
These niggas shit they self
At the sheer sight of my size
Ski mask on tight
so these niggas recognize
I pack more bite
Than bloodhounds on raw hide
I'm kickin in niggas skulls
Like high gravity st ides
And Beheading then bending over the same niggas brides
Like I shoo these niggas away mane
Like, "fall bacc!!"
Spit mo game than they brain contain
Hush all that
Gimme the pills and yowda
Absolve me of my crimes as I crush all that
Y'all whack
Some mall rats
With raps that can't touch blacc
Ya hutch
Track Name: leave it 2 cleaver
It's ya neighborhood
Pimpin fly
Could give a fuck
if the bitch die
I'm shovin rusted ice picks
Up between the bitch thighs
You won't see me touch it if it don't glisten
Fuck a bitch
I be up all night man in my kitchen
Quicksand got me twitching
Eyes closed peep the vision
Blood oozing from the ceiling
A tomahawk chop
Made the first incision
I awake
Cape covered in blood
Feelin baked
Police sayin "freeze on yo knees"
But I break
These niggas wanna be bad to bone
But I leave bullet holes in those
Because I can't condone fakes
Neither can me chrome
Might see me smiling but be gone
I need to be left alone
All I need is my weed
While you be bleeding and not breathing
Marinate in that thought
Exit wound leakin broth
Turn the lights off
See my fangs drip with froth
I'm standing over yo bed
Bout to dig this cleaver in yo head
Yo kids be tied up
Sittin on dynamite in the shed
And I be fired up
Formaldehyde dipped fries
Got me pullin off my own face
Like a ski mask disguise
Whatever it takes
To escape
Cupcakes betta hold up
When I roll up like papes
And burn n em slow
Like gonorrhea flow
Fuckin and discharge
All on the microphone
Viper strikin at ya dome
Like lead pipes against styrofoam
This ain't a fight
You scream for your life
Go towards the light cuz I ain't right
Hooked on kryptonite
Crystals clog up my windpipe
Hecka crooked
Lookin like any breath could
Be the last one I took
I got worms and bait
On my rod fuck a hook
You perpetrate
Piece of shit
Get shook up by a crook
End up missin
Still Hollerin at myself
To handle my business
Track Name: 1 Million Ways 2 Get My Scratch On
Now i'ma abouta get my bust on
You a towel Yalil freak
Give out concussions hourly
Yours truly
Young majesty
Been spotted right
Underneath the helicopter spotlight
Shot twice before I can reach for my glock I got popped
My eyes roll back
Retain divine focus locked on
Smell of blood rising from my smock
And rocks from my socks
What it take to be the top
Put the skies down on padlock
Before your eyes
Rip with crocodile teeth
And tear Sherlock
These niggas ain't no match for the beast who burn pot
So much doja in my photos
That I'm tagged in Colorado
Rogue thug
Gon show you no love
Bitch I'm pullin them plugs
Like I'm stealing them drugs
Dumb hoe
Bitch What u run fo
You on the floor
Flipped over tore
From the forty fo
Time for you ta break west
Exit stage left
Snatch those heels back
For the next batch Back to Payless
What's the deal Mac keep it real
Nothin softer than steel
1 million ways to get my scratch on
Peep my yield
Pop a pill
With pimp appeal

1 million ways to get my scratch on
And fool I ain't playin
I'm on the hunt for brains
A young nigga can catch a fade
I snap crack and pop on spots comin fatal
Fool can't you see a vest only cover from your shoulders to your naval
Devil's ladle got me trippin
Reactor unstable
Stay back
I'll Staple a cracker to a table
Blap Blap
A new cap for ya head
Fuck a license
I'll practice Capital punishment instead
Critical limited minded livid individual cynical the system is cyclical
Realistically we got it twisted
Clinical my situation pitiful
I'ma throw on the mask and hit the block
Kick down doors like the task
Witta flask grab the cash
And still hit the stage
Cuz a gauge gotta blast
I ripped up ya team with my raps
They backwards
Missing from the whole scene in fact
Magazines spittin hittin
The game revolve ricochet
Killing everybody involved
Track Name: I aint servin no vittles 2k14
Uh oh who Ridin around town in a caddy
Brown duffle bag stuffed with grams of that cabbie
Rollers pull me over
Lookin for yola
But I'm bound to the booth
I ain't the one they lookin for slippin
Servin vittles that's the truth
Now go tell the deputy
And his auntie
I gots to get wicked
In time for the party
These youngsters must be out here slidin bad
For these popo's to think
They could take down my ass
Well u see for me prices are good
But on the streets they rough
I hadn't thought about the street cream
Since I no longer touch the stuff
Trunk full of amphetamines
Promethazine and dust
Rails full of rust
Mo kale to combust
So don't come knockin on my door
Askin me "hustla what's really?"
Can I cut an onion up
While I break down this Philly
Cus yeah you see some butter
Gumbo goulash that is true
But don't worry bout it
That laundry bag don't concern you

I ain't servin no vittles
Niggas be giving out skittles
Fo free
No sir
That part of the game is not me
Three years in this shit
Ain't bouta kiss a nigga feet
Reek havoc
Bouta tweak
Of the static in the breeze
Roll a leaf
Hold the beef
Imposing u gon roll on me
You sposta be
A respectable mofucka
Chin checked and naked
Bloody we ought to run
With cocaine shoved up in my gums
Up in my tongue
Be tabs of steel
I'm aiming for the kill
Crawling around Russia
With a couple of scales of that
Drug krokodil
I pop a pill and take a pot
Straight to my mop top
Till my heart stop
We in a hurry
To make yo casket drop
Guns pop in a flurry
We spice the spot up like curry
Cousin for certain
If I'm on the stage then it's curtains
And leave the whole scene hurt
Cus I'm curt
The names spaghetti blacc
Dipped in sauce And when I break em off
I ain't in the streets servin vittles
And Getting caught
This shits ridiculous
I ain't Saint Nicholas
Blacc ski weekend
Remain iced out till Christmas
closing shop on you bitches
Thizz be my witness
I'm livin lavish and plush
Middle finger stay up
Cuz I'm not givin a fuck