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St. Ides of March


4/20 album coming soon...

Blacc Ski Weekend Industries


released March 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Blacc Ski Weekend Industries New York, New York

Blacc Ski Weekend Industries

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Track Name: Options
Do I unload the whole magazine
The same way I impart the gift
Spark the spliff
No ifs
A mark be the target
I bark
Witha sauce foaming at the teeth
Spaghetti-o with the knife
Be hacking up his opponents over beef
Rollin em up in leaves
With that hold em up punk freeze
Bubbling up my rubbles
Motherfucker run for cover
We dustin up
Robust me tongues spit
tons like a truck
You run and get stuck
Wanna battle
Stick to pick up
Cuz you niggas spittin hiccups
Pummel a bitch
And just run with the rum
I'm so numb on me tongue
Me dumb dumb
Down to kill anyone
A 187 drunk off 151
Cocked sideways
Like Orion's Belt
Monday thru Friday
Plus overtime cuz crime pay
And I bring the pain
Pussy punk
Line up for a dump truck full of novacaine
And no one will remain
Except the totally insane

Still at it the savage
Be known to blast the damage
If these niggas wanna manage
They'll need more than a bandage
I'm switching flippin
Goin nut
Itchin twitchin
And blowin up
Niggas better back up
Like crabs
Move fast
And get stabbed
I'll tell ya what
Clever slut
Should I Sever ya spine
Or start by nailing ya crevice shut
Or should I sew it up
Is you into tazeplay
Cuz I'm Packin a fuckin stun gun
I'm rappin as fast as an automatic
Get spastic
Attacking with the madness
When I bring the static
Son come get some
I rip these niggas a whole new system
Pay attention
We pimpin
Playa real niggas is goin missin
Remember my alibi
No lie we went fishin
Gotta smack around the jury
Just to get the judge to listen
Niggas gotta feel me
Every line I write must glisten
Butt kissin
Ass lickin rap
No longer in effect
Make my own beats
Spit pimp shit triple threat
Track Name: Spaghetti Blacc - PAY TRIBUTE feat. E Fury
I got that blackened lung, satin tongue, kiss her with some honey lips
Traded in my fingers for a set of ten money clips
On the scene, smoking green, homies holla ha ya been?
man im good I just got in, im waitin on my lady friend

we paint the town and hold it down, roll a blunt and pass around
All my homies blow it down, they see the po, then hold it down

Hold it now- golden child- do it like white girl and go wild
Don’t tell me to turn it down. Love the way it feel when the beat go loud
Im smoking weed in my kitchen-
In the zone: no permission-
Mista quit yo bitchin-
Cause bitch im on a mission-

Spittin my line, ima get in her mind
She not a dime then she wasting my time
We can get down, but don’t get out of line
I cant be your man, are you out of your mind?

Im colder than an igloo-
And always go for that big loot-
If u want me to contribute-
Then you gon’ have to pay tribute
So much game that they gonna let me continue
A boss with the sauce you gotta have on your menu

On the eve of making millions
And on behalf of my skrilla
These ninjas better back the fuck up!
Cuz i'ma kill em
Hatred got they stomach twisted
Up In a knot
Don't know I'm the shit
Bout to make they
blood vessels pop
Baby girl before you continue
Need to bow down to yo knees
You see, And pay tribute
Disputes taken up with the end of my boot
Bootsie nigga refute
Your tutelage
Your master must be new to this
You ain't earn my salute
Cuz I'm astute
Spaghetti gonna
Hold up em like a controller
Then hit the border
Thought I told ya
Ain't got no sweet tooth sicka
Niggas spitting creampuffs
I'm gonna hold the Nina to they spleen
And let the heat bust
Excuse me señorita
I heard they was
Serving out subpoenas
Since now they can tap right into yo beepa
From the pager to the speaker
It's the new age
Serving fiends like the media
Bumpin 2012 gauge
Throwback spaghetti blacc traccs
Cuff yo dames
Cuz my stable
still missing a mustang
Raise up on some anger
Still hittin fuckin targets
From a brand new angle
Break both ya ankles
Bum ya bars stank
all assed out
Witta flow like a plank
Sucka mothafuckas foe you continue
Needsta put ya self on mute
And pay tribute refute
Track Name: 2X14K금
Stitch some beats to yo ear
So the message is clear
Fuck All of worst undeserving shit which I hear
Spaghetti blacc they attackin bruh
But they vernacular ain't spectacular
Just ask the streets
It's already a motherfuckin catastrophe
My nigga I'm talkin bout scratch
Wondering where in the fuck is this fetchi
Hollerin at a batch
Be hittin em up like bats
Whose bittin my stuff
Didn't know Gnats spaghetti blacc
Actually part of the same cats
Like a mofuckin fly
I went down to set trip
And start a mofuckin Fye
I don't freestyle
Cuz nigga fuck dat
I done paid my dues
To be spittin punk raps
And you a punk sap
Now watch me bust back
With a 12 gauge pump
Now you slumped
Covered in that fruit punch sludge
This ain't a round of the dozens
But I'm dumpin on em
And motherfucker it keeps comin
Sicc like pneumonia
Find that ass
Up in a coma when I crept up on ya
Cuz I be bendin cornas
When I leapt up on ya
And you be left red lasagna
The very second that spaghetti blacc came upon ya
It make the game freeze and ponder
Rewind the limousine
Techs bless em with the magazine
'Twas a motherfuckin tragedy
They put out an APB
On yo majesty
I rep that department
Of all purpose squadrons
Rap and merk niggas who worthless
On the tracc better double click
Nigga at the tip of your curser
That please oh please oh
Defcon level six nigga lingo
That El Niño that has yet to hit those gringos
No time to close my eyes
With these hounds chasing me
Ain't u heard
Sleep is the cousin of complacency

Wait for me to pull my paws off da ground
And beat yo ass down
Conspiring to come around
But if sirens be the sound
We ain't hiring hitmen
Bitch defend yourself from a stick
All I do is bump c-Bo
And kill kilos
And tote the niño
Toke tha doe doe for real tho
For the skrill ho
Peel all these People
Cuz they won't see no sequel
Never hear me squeak
Fuck it
Never hear me speak
Mind fulla perv on
Still a creep
The only head I receive
Beheaded up between my sheets
Sheer clever with everclear mixed up with beer
Shear through sheets of steel
Steal cleats cleavers my gear
Fear the reaper I'm here
Now hear me disappear
Did he really dis every rapper?
Yea nigga last year
Fuck Crackas i'ma scream niggas
Cuz that's what y'all wish y'all were u bastards!
And who made this shit?
Every second remind massa
Rewind Massacre
replay madness it's still pasta
Play me and getcha cap peeled
Like a bottle of Shasta
Track Name: CLEAR SHOT feat. E Feezius
Darkness envelopes the soul
Ho guess who the fuck just stepped in
Puffin on bubonic
But only enough for my kin
The situation is the simulation of sin
Sho enough
Witha Ski mask for skin
Glock for a mind tho
I'm blowin up

E feezius the genius only run with the seediest
always come around with that fire like Prometheus
super freak and a hedonist
yall suckas cant be seeing this
without binoculars
I spit it in your ocular
im on the medusa
got that game for your medulla
Oblongata- stay cooler
Old schooler from the future
But spit it retro
Man I told yo ass from the getgo
Tryna handcuff the honey but your ass just need to let go
burn yo lyric sheet
The shit I spit is heat
Back on the track with spaghetti blacc killin this beat
Always spit dope raps and man don’t take no naps
A cold cat, don’t hold back, and always got his own sack

Do I leave the scene hot
Pockets full of sheet rock
Me thinks not
Packing heat
Hold that thought
My nigga recop
My nigga respawn
Red dawn reawaken
As Satan
after me hits the bomb
Out the bong
Evil spirits
Better clear it
Spaghetti beats
You fear it
Motherfuckers ain't Tryna hear it
You bitches ain't Tryna see me
Hallucinations spillin out the eyes
Under a Sketti blacc beanie
Disguise Get broke or choked ho
Chokehold round yo throat hole
Fuck the Po Po
Puffin on doe doe
But Straight laced tho
For those who don't know
I won't show up if you don't owe
You Layin way low
But you'll be a dead ho if I say so
Fuck a race nigga
Everyone know I be the first one out the gate
Masticate rabbits
Dang nabbit
I See my goal and I grab it
Food for thought
Contemplate wait
Can't taste a dose of spaghetti
Without getting the shakes
You be coming all fake
I'm only concerned about gettin this cake
Cower before my power, fool!
Assassin technique loaded
Roaming around your home
While u smokin on bogus that's boatin

I cant fuck with them sad- cases I’m feelin incredible
Took a fat bag to the face and I’m eatin an edible
I Talk big shit cause my information is credible
They tryna throw shade mayn but they aim is terrible
Im tryna stay paid mayn cause my stomach is never full
That’s how the game’s played mayn, sometimes it aint ethical
I maintain and medicate by smoking on medical
And you can’t bullshit me cause I aint susceptible
Cutty, check my facts- cause you never catch me fakin
Im 3-D: the rest of yall puppets is clay-mation
Man I stay high: and look down on yall from space stations
Had game since a playa first played a play station
Tryna get mine right now cause fuck waitin
Im impatient, get in my way: you inpatient
Ill suspend your animation for this paper that im chasin
a futuristic player in a game with these cavemen

Hold the fuck up
I'm finna hold they ass down to the beat wita blade
No joke
Fuck spittin a sixteen
Lemme listen to some gunsmoke
Tabs on my listerine
But ain't nobody listening
All I need is the clear shot
Motherfucker is going missing
Discipline pushing mountains
So these wack niggas move out
I put that on the ancient
My grave inhabited by some vagrants
All I need is the clout
And ho
I need it now
Niggas call me the server
When the system go down
I gets my fix and I clown
Pop off sixty rounds
They brought the swat team
Cuz nothing can stop me now
Track Name: Lay em bastards down wit da sound
Start taking hits of my flow
Soon as I show up
Niggas get stuck bucked
Quicker than a hold up
Did you get sick I think something's goin around
Yea I caught a murder case
Gottsta escape yo town
Without the breaks
Witta barrage of new niggas to disarm
Check my facade
No heart under the armor
Respect my visage
My nizzah I gotsta twist
My penmanship when I spit
And co sign in script
A ghost blind off prescrips
Yea ho I'm built for this
Boutsta lay these bastards down with the sound so ridiculous
Make ya wanna clown wit the Uzi
Leave ya patna's brains all gooey
Ragu he woozy bandaged
Like red rags
Cuz I bus on ya ass over some zig zags
Step bacc
Gnats stridnapped with the gizznats
Get rolled on like craps
And left on all flats
I'm setting em up
Then triple crossing and flipping em up
I'm bringing the funk
12 gauge pump punk
And I'm not givin a fuck
Niggas be killas
Never leavin the house without a milla
Meter or meal ticket
my skrilla on the fuckin trigger
I'm poppin the clip in
Which is why these niggas end up missing
I get to set trippin
Makin minced meat out of you kittens
They think I'm kiddin
I'm cutting up they kids
Nigga good riddance
I'm shooting when I end this sentence
Spaghetti blacc never
Caught unstrapped
No gat
Broke like a kit Kat
Spit like a broke mac
Trigga toe back
Foe's cracked
For pesos
Ho lemme hold that
I'm flowin wit no pathos
I'm flipping my wig
And still peeling these caps my nig
A hallow tip
Or a fist to the ribs is all I got to give
Smoke the apocalypse
Up in my Sarcophagus
Nigga ain't no stoppin this
Spit out the esophagus
Head topless
Nigga I scalp bosses
Now you know
Who the baddest to ever floss is
S p a to the g
H e to the double t
I b L A and add a CC
Nigga that's me
Funkin on ya species
Like feces
What the fuck?
Formaldehyde and indica done got me stuck
Buck if these
Cats comin corrupt witha catuh
Track Name: A stable of games
I had to light em up like dynamite
That's two niggas scooped
Planted right at they gravesite
And i'ma leave the scene unphased
Hit the highway
Short two grenades
And it don't matter what you say
I ain't sane
A young nigga can catch a fade
So check game
You might got a vest
But my skills connect
Drill in ya neck
I'm an assassin so give respect
They lookin for a truce
Get the fuck out of here
I'm Tryna get juiced
Everclear got me goin blind in the booth
While the blow got me holdin my nose closed
And that's the truth yo
Bout to sell these fiends a loophole
When sleuths bring out they troops
My whole life I been Layin low
With my eyes always behind the scope
Or some loccs
I don't be givin a fuck
Ante up
soon as I step in
I turn a buck
fifty to a 187
And then I'm jettin
As quiet as I crept in
Supplying hella weapons
Number 1 suspect
Person of interest
The misses
money in her purse
It's going missing
Cuz you hoing honey
Fork over the cash flow dummy

Damn when did shit change
From kool g rap to coogi rap
Coochie ass niggas call me bootsy
Busta watch my Uzi crack
fuck you
Fuck hip hop
Skipper I got this clip
Rip flesh make a pimp drop
You ain't gettin a glimpse stop
Got piss for Lipgloss/
Can't convince Alfred Hitchcock
A bitch witta twitch can't shake her shit
A mack on the run
Bout to take yo shit

If u ain't see me smoke
Best believe I be in a bad mood
Attitude turnt
I shoot a bitch up like sum dog food
Niggas listen up
Like u want a fuckin lecture
But if u bite my shit
U gon end up inna stretcher
And that gurney
Be the end of your goddamn journey
My inner circle standing inna circle
Meeting adjourned
These niggas claim they saviors
Bigger than some fuckin thugs
I worship a slug
A gun be my number one
And I don't care
Watch me pistol whip the one you love
And leave em staring at the sun when I flip em up
And I'm looking for yo house
Like I'm cripping cuz
Because I killed yo kids
But that wasn't enough
Pants saggin u run up on me
Nigga that's yo luck
Known to dump on a cunt
Come and test my nuts
You'll get stuck
I blast the shit out that punk mcgruff
Niggas whistle
And I'm smacking eyeballs out with pistols
Get yo pencil
I'm crossing Crackas out
With lead utensils
Silence mental
Ulterior motives move just like a rental
No incentive
Ignition kickin bitches out my kitchen
All I need is a maid, bitch
A die hard
Rag doll for dolemite to go and discard
Packin an extra clip
Pop a nigga like zits
It's delicious
Vicious shaking cops up off my tip
Cough medicine got me rockin often in my coffin
Never nigga you wish
I wouldn't give a shit if u helped me
U gettin kicked to tha curb bitch
Heard which
Nigga slangin shit on my name
Got the bic slangin flames
Like propane
Up out the frame
Game chizzneckin gizzame
Your tizznern to be recognizing
Hatred in yo face
When these Crackas be disguising
Did I
sizzle on the chair
Nope not givin a fuck
Stickin niggas up got
Bitches pullin my truck
I'm mobster
Best quote my lines to my face
Else u an imposter
Wanna goble my roster
Of goblins ninjas I got this
Titty fuck his bitch
Booby trap his apartment
Explosives loaded
And dragging bodies to the ocean
Still smokin
Sideways like some niggas in Oakland
Track Name: still waters flow 1 deep
Skidaddle on these skirts
Be baffled comin worse
After the last time
I had my hands up in baby girl purse
When a Mack grind
Nuggolas for yola
Left on they backside
Smoking like a Crackpipe
Broken open
Like a clip
But you the one left soakin
Wit they wig spit
Man did you witness it
Ima bet you ain't seen shit you bitch
Cuz we gon read yo obituary
Before we let you become a snitch
And that's real to the game times n-to tha I-n-e
Disposable a r 15
We some thieves
Putting down bets
While you act threatening
And I'm off some ketamine
Fuck whatever you peddling
I'ma throw an onion on the stove and let the kettle sing
And it won't be over
Till we notice the foam settling
Up in a morge
His body parts rearranged
And assorted by my sword
Uncle Sam ain't got me up on Nathan
Everytime they take a fingerprint
I erase it
Never seen spaghetti blacc
Lookin bad catchin cases
But the same niggaro be puttin bullet holes up in faces
Gotta get to the point
Blank All Hallow tip
Lest I lose my game
Surrender my name
And bow down to a lesser
Kept quiet
But so defiant
Niggas banged out like hymen
And Ima round up the whole gang
Step inside
If a nigga look me
Wrong answer
We ignite
And the popo can find me on the next block
Witta bulletproof vest
Smoking my best
Wiping fingerprints up off my tech
Tapping on my drivers side window
I'm like "scuse me officer
Do we gotta problem
I'm wit my kinfolk"
Might roll down
Just to sock em wit da elbow
Pig said "sir u in a stolen ass rental"
My mental gets to frying
Eyes red be essential
Cops dead
Now they send the swat for me instead
Tryna stop me
You can find spaghetti saucy at the swap meet
Best think twice before you talk
Cuz I brought heat
Just caught up in the grind like some coffee
Medicated sayin all these cats
Can back up off me
Don't get it twisted
I stay sedate
But u need to be elevated and lifted
So many cats bark at the god
Flaccid & listless
So i'ma bouta cash out like a pimp on you bitches
Still waters flow deep, nigga!! Boom

And i'ma step up in yo tomb
You deader than Mac dre macavelli
Spaghetti back and stackin fetti
Niggas on the street
On they back and they belly
Hella rizznimplin o prizznoifessionalies
My niggas stackin casualties
And be out to Cali
Smoking cabby
My niggs I needs this badly
You can spare all that extra shit
And zip that love up in a baggy
Hit this whole ozone
And I be out
Still watered up
Flowing like a trout
Ready to scalp these Boy Scouts
I scoop they eyes out
And be out on my route
Niggas call me the count
I need a fountain
To place atop my cocaine mountain
Without a doubt