breathing helix ring

by angel lust

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feat spaghetti blacc


released June 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Blacc Ski Weekend Industries New York, New York

Blacc Ski Weekend Industries

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Track Name: profane
And I'm so hard I could keep it coming After I shove yo head up in this oven You started runnin When u see me comin Cuz u know I done started somethin And I don't wanna hear about it If I can't see blood comin out of it Terror core torture core don't care what u call it As long as u get yo speakers jacked By this blacc Mac alcoholic Tank fulla hatred bet that shit ain't stallin Bet nigga bet!! Ooh I been waitin to lay into you witta led pipe Bet my mind ain't right So I always gotta fight Don't gizza FUCC If u feelin me Bet this b a killin spree Ain't no room in my pedigree Wanna bump heads nigga let it be Pick up the vape and let it beast Pull on yo cape now u deceased Always creased steady dippin Such a price on my head Most hated mothafucka in New York I must fill a busta With lead I be sittin like When I shit be the only time I get my dick wet Unless I'm finna get a check Dick em dirty then I dip set jet I'm sitting on drug money Even shitting on drug money Bitch betta give up that fuck money Befo we hug cuz I'm not yo honey The mo niggas you know The mo niggas you know gon die As I'm puffin lye parlayin I ain't playin my stacks be multiplyin She said say you love me I said I'll do that shit tomorrr Not put those heels on And get yo ass in the carrrr So if you want beef I'll bring the fuckin mob For all those motherfuckers Trying to act hard Can never be seen Cuz I probably look crazy Plastic trash bag up over my face Give up the cash old lady Mister magnetic Netti pot poppin off like a Confetti shop Spaghetti saucers Softcore kinetic imposters Riddle me this How u gon defend yoself When I run up on you It's impossible Never popping a pistol over bitches Steady vicious for my riches Now here's something hopefully y'all can relate to Turn up turbo turbine Ambition ignition stay hateful Is my mission Till it fog up my vision I'ma dog nigga listen I'ma rob for the glisten And I'm throbbing at the pistol Like I don't give a shit if I miss you I ain't kid cuddi Vicks vapor rub sniffin Like I'm itching Hieroglyphics I'm spittin Done got me twisted