"God Bless The Gnats" - Parasitic Drag Original Soundtrack

by Gnats

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Original Soundtrack to "Parasitic Drag" film staring Spaghetti Blacc

Blacc Ski Weekend Industries


released August 10, 2013

Spaghetti Blacc
Gods On Safari
cover photo by Kriss Berzkalns



all rights reserved


Blacc Ski Weekend Industries New York, New York

Blacc Ski Weekend Industries

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Track Name: Game Got Crossed
Whoever want the static Best panic I bring the havoc With cannons and then I'm Stabbin em Bad Gnats is erratic The terror is resurrected Correctional offers i be sendin em to the medic I'm betting if You step to a legend That you'll regret it I manhandle em And the very next day They be panhandlin These niggas raps is thin And breakable If they get it mistaken, I'm shakin em And spray up in ya face like mace I'm blasting and asking How does it taste motherfucker!! How much shit can yo punk ass take before it break I'm Duckin Buck bucking And leavin em nothin Bitch suck my dick I got a fuse shorter than a lit skimp Thai stick And you ain't gon die rich I'm in those pockets So quick Like these missiles into yo sockets Nigga run yo shit Or else i'ma get to the poppin Car stoppin Niggas held up in some shit as thick as tar And the game I spit Hit you from afar Chop you for change Drop brains through yo jaw If you drop names To the law Depraved Insane Witha Grenade Got these niggas Tryna hide in caves Check my chainsaw Automatic game I stay buzzed off some shit Added gnats to the name And you can put that on wax I been wizznackin niggas For snacks since jumping jacks So now nigga check my snaps I get daps from thug niggas who respect my stats Never needed a quack to crack jokes and get the facts locc On the factual Talk to me and get ya back broke Open with a hole exhaling smoke From the Mac Snort some salt With malt And a sack for them cataracts Still Rollin neat With dojand beat in the back seat Plus Monique from Mozambique I'm puffing a rosary You frozen off Prozac Toe back I throw that guillotine Now no one know where yo dome at If ya Don't rap Finna cologne On niggaz I don't condone Where the throne at If it ain't covered in blood I don't own that Chrome gats Got they caps peeled When I wrap up the deal Roll up to ya face With twenty pounds of steel And stuck off a pill Struck yo niggayl off his heels With the propeller Or the baretta Get yo bread up Pimpin my adversary And never been better Very obsessive When it comes to Cutting up my competition Drop niggas who bite the Shit I spit plate n be dishin Nigga i'm dodgin Bobby pins like a sergeant Psilocybin Suckas at large not respondin I'm poppin my p's While these niggas lives Be trapped in bondage A barrage Of bombs Check in on your correspondent How you gon float on this ho boat flow with no chassis Slangin taffy since niggative nancy Simp niggas claim nasty Hustlaz Ballas Turf town brawlas Merk crown lawless And I'm damn gorgeous Gouging out guts From Georgia to Florida Florid not me I'm covered in blood and Carlo Rossi
Track Name: Cricket in tha Thicket
In the beginning it was just me Spaghetti And blacc ski weekend industries Spitting dopamine like antifreeze Till everybody start to seize I do whatever I please Start shaking down niggaz like trees Because clowns wanna come around my town Better pick up some bounce from my sound Get off my turf with that dirt This sacred alien grounds Sketti blacc a landmark hecka much like mecca Protected with a 9 millimeter Land shark Spicing the plate like peppers Igniting the place with my rep Play those who hate like records And can I sock a nigga in the mouth? Check, the fuck did you expect? Stay tuned while I resurrect Specters from they tomb Conjure a demon fetus from its womb With the smoke from my plumes Yo stomach is brewing The damnation order of the newest I'll raise a motherfuckin trained Unit to split brains And get change remove stains like a goon bitch And y'all niggas assume I can't do this Bass boomin Dropping bombs like Truman In lieu of the fact I'm staying packed in a padded room With a crew held together Like a straight jacket laced with glue And you'll get straight jacked in a few Head cracked Ransacked And I'll smack a bitch too Big faces Small bills Aw I'm comin for you Big cases Raw deals But I paid my dues Taking another L Is what I can't afford to do So I'm ripping up Words in my verses Like maya Angelou Drink brew An snatch purses Is what I'm fin to do I need fixes I'ma stick yo clique Of bitches When it's time to reap my riches You niggas gon rest in piss Cuz this is Sick infested Bail thru yo camp nest Without a vest Like who's next I draw my glock Now tell me upon whom An I gon use it Cus I'm gon lose it On whoever I'm abusin Brutality infused immortality Human Put a screw tight in yo brain And eyes You tuned into my respect Now Nigga Despise it I'm the wisest Spit the flow Like geysers Surprise a guy with pliers Now we standing at his pyre
Track Name: Orbitoclast; Pillobotomy
Nigga I be so high n shit Chipping my toenails on the concrete thinking I be losing my grip On the earth Then I fall back Hit the back of my skull on the bench At the bus stop And then a voice said "Young nigga you already where you need to be Rollin up neat With that dojand beat in the back seat Peep it's packed Like master p's Cadillac Laced with bear spray mace and a sack of that crinacc Nigga I creeps it phizzat Like bong hits in fact Zips come along with that Get chips bitch Or get hit with a baseball bat As a matter of fact I be goin looney loco Turning goons into gooey shit When this Banana clip spit Cuz nigga I be going postal And be out in a minute Ides cap rippin With the spinach And still trippin And yo family go missing And guess who did it Sliding through yo block hissing Put the squeeze on ya spot And seize everything you got Making heads do 180s And infecting ladies with rabies I'm crazy nigga The second I get it hazy I be at yo neck with a blade After I spayed you with the tech Respect my technique ain't muffled Like the pillows over yo mothers mouth While I be swallowing shroom truffles Boom Break out through the wall Like doctor doom Catch em in the bathroom Take they clothes Reload And be out to the next flo Scaling these buildings And railings While these niggas be failing Blood squirting on the sheets While the body is flailing I flay em sautée the frame Now peep game Check the Picture Which nigga can't be Contained He spit the scripture Then flipped the script His camp be insane And he out to spit flames We can't be the same crack you in half for the change And got yo bitch tame With gold ass chains for reigns I pop brains And rock microphones mane And smoke rock at boat shops But No Bo legged ho got No chance to bogart My blunt So cunt dont start My dick stay so sharp Rip from the clit up to yo heart And while its still beatin I eat it Only as deadly as the diseases I believe in In front of the surveillance camera I dissolve into steam And y'all all be looking like surveillance cameras to me So I don't say shit Don't let niggas see my 380 I'm outy on the tip And still get rowdy on a bitch And whatever the fuck you talkin about Ain't as tight as this So I'm igniting this Violence By the vial of the bile You done dialed up denial If you don't think I got Flows like the Nile You senile Busta You can't be serious Cant't be hearing this Must be fearing us He's sus him and his mane mus be Tryna go crosstown If they discussin bout bussin those niggaz stuck in the mud Cuz they worth about nothin Contanstly frontin I see they fucked And continually cussin I grab on the clutch And pitch em some mustard And ditch em in ditches Cuz I be out for the custard Say what we fuckin em up And I barrs no Busta With bars I bust up punks Like trucks motherfucker! Peep trust Run train up her guts Till that bitch lose her lunch Brand hutches with crutches Cousin Call me the oven Other Niggas run for cover When they see me comin Corrupted set speakers to seance When I'm summoned And suddenly I'm smoking up on somethin disgustin Rusted Like a Dutch packed with puss Dripping nigga pass it up I ain't patch Adams with the hatchet I'm the assassin there you have it Into halves cut up from the calves And be out with the draft Over the grass I hover With the shard of broken glass That I ran through yo punk ass Discovered? Never this evidence ain't on disc Dismembered pillowbotomized My alibi out of body experience Don't call me god when you see me in the streets Time to hit escape on these bitches and skate Can you relate Or realize and metabolize my rhymes Diabolic my diatribe Over sinister synthesizer Replenishing every second Cuz fuck em all And if you can't tell yourself from a bitch Then my time for you is all too small Holla I meant it And if you can't handle going independent Then ya shoulda never checked in To heartbreak hotel To kick it with pimpin
Track Name: Under Duress
Who's the first to lose they focus In a room fulla assassins Meditation is hopeless As I awake the disaster They want me to lay low Which I never tried to practice Mo snaptures of my glasses Than Jacqueline Onassis Tag team flow mastas Pass ozone sacks Crack caps when we cackle Punk I ain't havin none of that Cept lemme get some of a gum of that I'll run right back I be sniffin pimpin yak Skipping across the train traccs Like my brain is missing And at 3 AM I be waiting at yo station Impatiently hissing And anyone who think they spit the gift Come get the dissing But is anybody listening Do ya hear me Cuz on the hush It's just me and my pistol clutch Backwoods never a Dutch Step to me with that shit And get turned into dust Upon my lunch I put that Cook that Crooked cat Coming out his ass sideways Slippin in the game Wouldja look at that I'm bookin You lookin stupid Eyes crooked constantly Curing cataracts Looking at me like fool I don't know what's good with that I wait I got this bait up under my belt Weight within my breath So tempted to unleash the tech And yet again I gots to creep sneak past the border Like a messican But I digress How I get away with it Is anybody guess But now it's time to put those delicious brains to the test High potent game From my favorite suspect Your biggest fear Stuck to my quills Swallowing pills Staying active Me and my homies Go toe foe toe With any of yo tactics You ain't got no magic You ain't pullin shit but ya hat trick Gnatzpaghetti blacc In the plastic Flesh Ripping my fangs Through ya goddamn breast Snatch a notch out her sweater Get breaded with a side of head Under duress Bitch You're under arrest Undress Now who done said spaghetti blacc left the game And who the fuck done bit my style They all the same Gotta keep switching formats For these doormats Play yoself like a trick I bet they'll adore that I'm the swarm Every time I perform Storm down on the lukewarm Like puking up nukes Roll my shit loosely Bitch you of no use to me I'm up drinking vermouth Wondering about what proof they got So I don't leave the booth a lot Like superman Leaving voicemails Up in entrails Carving shit With my dick And then I bust Can't say I ain't warn you So give it up You got thirty minutes Up until I let the cartridge spit Fully automatic Ripping hearts of these hostages Clones get they bones broke When I let me pistol smoke Hos get they home raided Make em suck upon me blade Never get the game twisted Even though we rockin braids Upon our brains And take yo chains Hijack planes for chump change Fly em thru a trump tower On the hour every hour Leave New York Shook cowards Covered in that sour powder This ain't flower power Punk bitch take a shower Shittin on niggas My ad libs'll crack ribs Then I devour
Track Name: Aphelions
And I be cantankerously banging On ya slanguage Leaving members of ya clan Twisted mangled or hangin You walk like yo limbs be Fallin apart Well aight gurl I talk like my nostrils been Shredded from snorting that white girl all night And even smoking it from a pipe Whatever gets me highest Your highness just stepped in I'm demanding silence Many thugs wants drugs Supplies for clients Head big as tyrants Or San Francisco giants More room to resume the violence When I close my eyes I'm still surprised I survived But now we must ride On wherever you reside And you won't get revived If I reach for my side Youza peach And I'm the hive Buzzin You rotting Me and my niggas'll feast And think nothing of it Up in trees wearing ski masks All black gloves Like OJ you simp Son I'm showing no love And they say, "gnats Does it really gots to be this way? Every time you drop a tape The earth shake like d day" Instant replay I be making shook niggas pray And when I finally come around again I'll take yo shit away I heard that Mac bounce witta tech And he be walkin around stressed Waiting for somebody to test But check the underscheme Upon the hush cuz for the record I be chanting to myself in agreement To get these green niggas peppered Well aight den They ain't got no protection I got my temper Time to take these niggas off they destination Return to sender I'm sensing danger The anger just foam from my lips Intoxicated off the bliss of being Too despondent for this shit To respond when I'm charging Like a brick on the gas Of an armored truck Quick to crash Into the Bronx Fort Knox Like a bomber And blow the shit up
Track Name: Blacc Gn@z Bronx Ox
Why niggas wanna get So close to me Mo then dey supposed to be Now they lay on the concrete Roasting eyelids open not responding Pinky finger up Bailin tru yo camp Like the summer So high no clouds in the sky Yet I unleash the thunder For a hummer I'll kidnap yo mother Fuck till I snap her ribs Make another rubber out of her skin And dick down the same old flubber And don't show me no love In the club Cuz while you be gettin yo grind on I'm spying on niggas to knife In a rage That depraved nigga Cut thru yo finger waves Nigg Cuff yo dame He'll Bust yo main Left lingering in this realm Like marijuana into the flames Or cocaine in the brain Switch game roid rage Grab the gauge Never comin wit that love peace and joy Boy I'm paranoid I'll batter you toys Till yo ass start growing hemorrhoids And nowadays killas be leaving the void Ass backwards I be Floyd mayweather You be leaving the ring tattered I hit the scene Now every actor gotta scatter I'm that nigga Realer than fate Bitch check my platter Then check the atoms I'm a savage I fathom I can drop a nuclear bomb On whoever I imagine I make it happen The captain He's strapped Clapping make all niggas stop rappin And start crappin So step back I keeps it P.I. Python boot camp Like a G.I. R.I.P DJ Fela NYPD got a nigga denying Tryna re try me? I see y'all spying! Y'all can bite nines And keep on dying I might recite rhymes But never drop dimes I'm puffin alpine And rushin off alkaline I'm bussin So what these niggas wanna do? I got yo own 2-2 aimed at you Young nigga Gnats Aka Smirk Rox Rap game hacked By the Blacc Rupert Murdoch Into pieces For certain I put that on murda Impersonate some nigga you heard of And get burned Impart on these mark tricks I won't trip I'll rob they apartments And won't slip It's yo turn Who said you gon leap fool? Cuz I know you ain't Try to fly away i'll pull ya cape How you gon test me Nigga I'm the proctor These niggas won't be able to stand To get to the doctor When we pop em drop em Break out the mop These niggas tried to make hits But they single shots was flops Simp I ought to test yo chops With me toxins and me oxen I'll rip you apart Shut you down like suboxone Plottin in the dark In Headphones and Moccasins I knock a bitch And leave her tied up in apartments These niggas got Parkinson's Asking me to park it But I'll Neva pull over So they can hit they target And ever since the evidence Got crackheads checking my residence Inspecting my elements Expecting correctional offers To off my shop When I chop I knock a niggaz head off the block Never been scared of shit Niggas prepared to quit Or equipped witta clip Nigga it's embarrassin While they bumpin my shit I blast em Blacc bandana Surgeon's mask Heard the task Learned up burn the stash Get the urn out I lace hash with my boy's ashes Cutting off heads in clashes I cast a spell They fell on they face Like they was fighting Cassius In the game hangin with masters You hang from the rafters you sap Suppose I react a fool Shoot up like craps Now you ain't lookin dapper foo You need ta Check my format And peep my syntax Don't speak talk cheap Sweep streets It's click clack And dirt naps You asleep on the battlefield I'll snatch you off yo feet And use that ass as a shield And 2 times before this Peep my wrist I'm the alchemist Mineral rippin Criminal in the mountains
Track Name: Resurface
A brush with death Can't handle my dust Time to mangle I strangle the clutch From all angles I tangle em up With piano wire Got the game twisted I hang with the tough The undead come for the price on your head I slice Shoot twice Clamp yo nuts in a vice Got a gripe I Put ya whole clan on ice Fry up the earth's crust I bust with led pipes Shit is brewing Niggas smell raw sewage Creepin No friction in my movements Like liquid I'll run yo shit kid Bet that'll stick bitch Doesn't matter which I'm rippin through ya set Quick pickin intestines To place up in my sandwich Ultra hammish With a cannon Plus two sides of bananas When I hit the block No one else is outstanding Revamped the canvas Crammed enough plants To fill up campus With brandy in my pants You won't see a gangsta dance In my playboy stance Won't read the plans scan the blood on my hands I'm a scamming scumbag Left cum on a bum hag Sniffing bumps Tongue stuck in a toe tag Creepin out the morgue Witta eighth in a sack It ain't shwag pull over a cop and cough ash On his badge Cut a nigga like ribbon Make his skin into a sash Displace his ribs Get rid of this evidence and hid Stuck a nigga witta shiv Then slid out his crib like nigga what gives Spaghetti blacc or gnats Peeling caps or flippin lids It's all my business Bitch steady pimpin for my riches
Track Name: Dynamo
Nigga I pick you up by your skull bone Throw that shit on the train traccs I be trained to do that My mind held together like 10 year old elastic Glock out hittin niggas for they whips Up n down traffic I be dressed in all blacc Raiding niggas cribs Like a team fulla niggas from Oakland Or better yet the task Break off this chopper bad 10 inches up yo ass Have you coughing up bullets When you see yo fam in body bags Who the fuck sent you? What kinda credit cards you got? Did you know if I break in yo house And see ya mama the botch gettin shot Glock deep We puttin everybody to sleep When we creep cuz we deep Puttin bombs up under car seats Haphazard hazmat plasma Gnats Awfully crass I'm breaking this beer bottle And shoving broken glass Up that punk ass And I be clawing through fences N shit While they changing shifts A changeling Which spit the gift Now need a lift Up out of this area code Dem Po-pos don't know we pros Credits next episode No edits Rippin up through ya sets No regrets With gold on top of my teeth And dynamite strapped to my vest And my dome leak dopamine In excess I could hack you into pieces And not even see it successfully If that laced sess get the best of me I'm crackin through them ribs up in yo chest Nigga guess Who be runnin thru gated communities Hated screaming fuck peace and unity I got a piece fool What the fuck is you gon do to me Gnats be Nasty nappy crafty Plus the aftermath be a bloodbath Fuck the rapping Skip track to clapping With a laugh track That never ends Cuz bitch i'ma madman Placing hexes upon many men When I'm vexed I vent Bullets out yo cerebral cortex Just ask Cortez Busting niggas up I'm among the best up in the biz The rest attest its still yesterday And for all I know It really is Snorting snow Off a flask in a ski mask When I hit up yo crib Tell yo bitch I might crash And if you call the cops I'ma still blast on that ass fast And dash After I cleaned out yo cash out Rippin up shit in the back route Helicopters be blasting How I'm living Nobody be askin I'm on acid Heart beating lika Fat kid with asthma Bat shit bananas In this bonanza I call my stanza I trample a bandit Gangbanging on habituals And where I stand Rituals rise from barbiturates Bitch I'll hit you then eat you And that's it And now it's time to split Personalities Like a madman with the killa kit Which reminds me mothafucka where did the 9 mili went I know some niggas who bent Cuz now they days got spent I'm enraged my spit Fried my brains Stop game Drop niggas who drop names And I'm looking for a slut To lick the bloody rust up off my blade Is she insane Can she swallow 2 grenades Does she know I'm followin her For real about to holler Cuz I'm hollowin her out Leaving that sickness in yo mouth Yee that's what i'm about Tantalize they ties to they mind Mine the tantamount Gotta push a mime Till he break Get the answer out Planting landmines Where they dancing I'm mainlining ants Still sniffing landlines Cuz I can Now dial up yo mans And let me undersmell yo plans Understand my psalms Crafted from my palms The hardest smack's from my hand Blood drooling down my arm Infections from injecting mic's Blacc turns my bong Regardless i'ma give it my all Even if I get it all wrong