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released June 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Blacc Ski Weekend Industries New York, New York

Blacc Ski Weekend Industries

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Track Name: mortar
Big lip nigga spittin shit for tha 15 For a decade & a half whippin me tongue lika guillotine Best believe you'd rather hear a g rap Bout this violence then find yoself 6 feet deep in a dirt nap Fuck an instrumental I'm mental I write my spits over yo verse & stab you wit the pencil Passing for mental illness Spittin retarded so even the hardest nigga in yo clique can feel this Why you noided nigga???? What u scared of??? Making noises till Me and my big niggas came prepared huh??? I fight for my place Fight for my space Bite ya head case And slice ya damn face Follow me I hear voices But that ain't shit So many choices But I'll just puff n spit Cottonmouth killas Could ya picture that Officer I don't know why niggas would pic the victim to hit Witta baseball bat Until he flat My weed man ain't hit me back I guess I'm cracked Killin em wit the song Just Call blacc Roberta Flack Begging for forgiveness into the mic Like it was a chrome glock in my face Choking on something laced Sedatives got me steppin down off my grace You want the motherfucker dead in 16 bars? Default flow wove Punchline rhymes to scimitars When will these fuck ups ever learn I smoke so much bong that my hair gets permed You fell You took the L Last stop on the line I'm servin rhymes While yo punk ass servin time For life For certain For what It's worthless I'm gurpin Brain damage be my purpose In this rap game freak circus No flexin Versace vortexes in Texas Got intellectuals stressed All buttons pressed god bless em