Sonic Olympic 'XIII - {EP}

by Various Artists

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Compilation of recorded material June-July 2012.


released July 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Blacc Ski Weekend Industries New York, New York

Blacc Ski Weekend Industries

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Track Name: Gods On Safari feat. Spaghetti Blacc - Sheist 4 Life
Stay sheist 4 life
Sharp and shady
Only run with untouchables
Fuckin around
Make a mill off something
Live more comfortable than the huxtables
Yo same nagga
Da same saga
Genesis of intellect
Since telekinesis
I get respect
Fuck yo bitch to pieces
If you let em off yo leashes
She be sucking like leeches
Feasting on quiesh and peaches
Peace got me peeved
Popping cops like ecstasy
Bereft bear Witness to the best or regret
I'll sledgehammer ya head
So nigga let's place bets
I'm quick
in and out when I dip
And leave you glued to the strip
with blood oozin out ya hip
My Uzi lose you quick
In the middle of the street
If you have a bone to pick
We in the middle of some beef
Admit defeat
it's time to eat
I was perched on the street light
With that heat right
Niggas gotta eat right
So i Kill on sight
get hype
Like a Crackpipe
when what's inside see the light
And Hit the mic
And synthesize the rhymes
With the crimes
Demystify syndicate systems
behind the mind's eye
At the same time disarm bustas running up from behind
Bust one time at they nuts with the nine
I'm the honestly the bombest mc
Regardlessly Harming niggas who cross me
Spaghetti blacc like coffee
Still flossy
Boss hogg with the hawk talk
And extra sauce is costly
Track Name: Spaghetti Blacc - game over i
Game ova I win
When my clique get in
Hit the game with this new shit
Ya crew can't groove wit
Remove units
in a fool's room with a tool kit
Spoons dripping with pasta
Punk goon tell ya mobsters
I said y'all imposters
Flossin and bossin
real pimps never play possum
I pop em
My new project is to flip the spot
Have niggas drop to the ceiling
Pop niggas with the chopper
While they healing best believe me

Beasts deceased with the reefer tucked between they teef
Christmas till Easter
Feast on a dime piece
One eyed nine monster left her bloody in the sheets
Understand me she deceased
And I'm back in the streets
Can't stand how badly cats want some beef
They look at me
I'm a creep
Take the rook with the queen
I'm a theif
They'd rather I'd not play the game
if I cheat
They blaming they dame
And playa hatin mane
And complain so they accept
Bullets to the brain
Insects insane over
incense and flame
Inspect this shit mayne
Check yo self If
you expect to respect yo health
Use stealth to pull yo wealth off the shelf
Keep putting out tapes
Till there's nothing else
Tryna light up some L's we left em wetter than wells
Let me dispel bustas
I'm finna break out my brain cells
And waste the whole human race
ring a bell
high as hell on my court date
Demons dissipate
council adjourned
Initiate the word
Thus the flesh gets burned
The rest get they turn
With the game unlearned
Unheard unperturbed undisturbed

1 to the 2 to the 3 heads wif lips
Doing freaky shit on this jolly nigga dick
I'm sayin ho ho ho yet I ain't saint nick
Insane sick yo how he contain it
I got the chop suey
For any glock Tryna talk to me
I don't understand em
But they get my point
Point bank smoke a fool on the block like a joint
Chasing after the coin
A fiend with two faces
Pull the strap from my loins
Indeed it's two cases
One for possession with intention to sell
A golden fuckin ticket straight back to hell
Cap peeled way back
Like the start of this track
Instant playback
You a slave to the raps
They flip out so fast they whip cracks on ya ass
And you still come back
Pushing nothing but punishment
Punk it's sketti blacc
niggas clutch they chest like a heart attack
For lunch straight flesh on a mission
Signals tell me I can't embellish yet
They have me relishing replenishing without remedy
Cuz a nigga possessed a killa with psycho pedigree
Lead it be
To the head
Bless ya temples
When the god shoot this hot tip and access ya mental
So if niggas wanna train
And learn on the game
There's nothing to know
When you play
save yo brain
Track Name: Spaghetti Blacc - Disemboweled
Daddy's got a new clip
So dip or set trip
Blasting out bullets
Between yo fuckin lips
Everythang spaghetti
And a nigga can't avoid death
Test my rep
ya take Ya last breath
Got my glock in the mix
Just sturrin up niggas
hit the stage with the fix
Just slurrin my lyrics
Straight capone
Turn ya whole block into a warzone
Niggas implore
I don't red ya whole wardrobe
The blade from the sheath
With grenades and APs
Lift the heat from the seat
This some beef off the street
Knock a nigga off his feet
And start spittin on his beat
Niggas see me and start shittin
ain't quittin
Got more ovens than mittens
And I ain't cookin up chickens
I take the rook without physics
Niggas go blind recognizing my game
And a whole gang gets wild tryna step to me mang
It's insane

Back up in the flow
it's the funk terrorizer
With a surprise
For these foes getting wiser
I make they woes rise
And they die with they eyes open
I Inhale ghosts from the fries I'm smoking
Thai mesmerizing
Time is memorizing lies
If you draw a blank
You'll surely be drawing flies
I dip around the law when I have to
See a Shotgun to yo jaw when I blast you
I Got these rhymes flowin
goin in a rampage
Be Amazed
when they set ablaze
my whole page
Spittin straight haze
Saying "o'fay pay me!"
Mouth foam when I graze
On zig zags and hay
Ay I need another ounce
Lemme see someone about that
Cuz spaghetti gotta bounce back
No ho shit here only certified macs
And some sands in a sack
snort that and sit back
Track Name: Spaghetti Blacc - Death Hoax
Flow like landslides
Hide the rhyme in mind
One time for the lines
Wait watch me take mine
Take the mic break chimes
Slip signs
activate the criminal mind
With lyrical symbols woven
In my shrine with twine in time
I'm bouncing off the walls with the gift
Gotta be the top 3 mc's
And silence you fleas
When I'm rappin
Even homies gotta grab the Mac 10
Uncontrollable nature fate
Puts the paper
Pull the caper wait
Hit the vapor I'm baked
She bait
Rape her
Place shorty face in the fridge
with them thick ass lips with the wide ass ridge
Finna buy the rap game
Bitch niggas placing bids
Puttin up their kids
Yet they spittin
Shitty ad-libs
Saucy like ribs
When you buy my fuckin tapes
Bitch you better wear a bib
Who is this
Spaghetti blacc quick to leave a nigga with paralysis
Staying countless
Blood pouring like a fountain
While I'm puffin on these ounces
Cheese for a mouse?
Fuck a rat blast his house
And a pig get a quick 2 shivs in the ribs
We must be on the animal planet
In the jungle with my tech
Cocked and beating on my chest
Shooting heads
Relieves stress better than hot sex
Groping on my glock
I'm blasting bees at ya pollen
Lighting up ya dope spot
Like a fiend full throttle
Y'all niggas wanna be a problem
On theese streets like a toboggan
Spittin so fast i almost vomit up my lobster
You niggas ain't got shit on ya tonsils
Pull out niggas teef for spitting that weak shit
And still callin it a gospel
Pull out the steel and suddenly you a fossil
Check it tho
Death just a hoax
Like juxtaposing love with what I got for these hoes
Yo I'm a ghost
Spose's ta lay low
After I play a show
Yay blow got me on the block
Pumping out pathos
Handing out halos for the price of pesos they know
I crush niggas fatal
Like tomatoes
Potatoes and playdough
Nigga get disabled
Don't matter who the fuck ya are
Bitch nigga come up on me I'll blast that ass to the stars
With yo raps sub par
The skill has snapped so far
And you still don't know sketti
In the air like confetti
Till I drop like a machete
On ya face and ya belly
Already brought the funk and it's smelly
Jamming on the block touch bread like jelly
Ya smell me?