The 1st Annual Blacc Ski Weekend Promo Compilation Retrospective

by Various Artists

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Commissioned by Spaghetti Blacc. The most highly anticipated album.


released May 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Blacc Ski Weekend Industries New York, New York

Blacc Ski Weekend Industries

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Track Name: the elocutionists feat. Moxa - CORROSIVE BILE INTRO
Inert with repulse
Yet I covet
A sentient smile
But what was it

Afloat in obsolescence
Focused on hope
The image which does not move
Stares back at me
Do I delegate lament
To master my pet
In stone would I ensnare my essence
Better than rotten flesh

The fly on the screen is mocking me
Since the Hierarchy
Falls onto the assembly line
How would I ever see
What could there even be
Outside the Petting zoo
Production of the Pantomime

Should I reside in myself
In between meetings

Still teething
Tantalized feeling

Hand me my camera
So that I may save it
A Human Free Virility

Falling into the Mosaic
Track Name: Spaghetti Blacc - Stampede Prod. by @DJbabydad
Tick tock
Glock out
Time fo yo punishment
Ain't no use quizzestioning my game cus cus I'm running shit bitch
Medicine is the only shit which I invest in
Nigga step up an get hung by yo intestines
Boutsta swoop wit my <nuh!>
Pluck and peel up a coupla waffles
Fuck feel up and fuck up
Now yo nigga's got a couple problems
My nigg I likes to slice em thin
beat em or shoot em
But If you ain't getting change
From yo strange
Yo game needs rebooting
Oh what me too?
We some corrupted pencillia
Swaying pensively
Push tension
Fish scale turned reptilian
Tip drill rush
Stampede bull thrust
Crush the pussy to dust
Crust dripping puss
Tipping point
Pusshnayl niggaros
Gomme trippin livid zippin quick
Pop the clip walk crip
you cunt ass dipshit!!
I handle my business
Ham on my business
Dam ho who iz this
Thizz be my witness
I'll gleam ya hoe
a nigga grip is slipping
I pop the clip quick
My nig commence the killing
A brain damaging machine
Believe Red brings green
Roll up a
Fiend for an epilepsy
Clips on my nuts
Mothafucka punk test me
I'll check yo neck see?
Then drop another one
Injecting cunts with sauce
Spaghetti blacc rap boss
Break em off with the gun
Sketti squid incc won't run
Like a finger in an envelope
Death threats are not a joke
Pillgrim or Navajo
Better move when I'm landing ho
If it ain't reported lost
Then I found it
Had yo whole house
surrounded with hounds
When the thunder sounded
You niggas can't just expect to fuck with me
And live comfortably
I'm done with thee
Pull out the gun
And watch em run from me
You niggas put the bitch
In the word habituate
If the situation's thick
I'm quick to demonstrate
A crazy mothafucka
I kill when I'm bored
I can't be reformed
In a looney ward
I seent this bitch
She was at the stakehouse
On a stakeout
Said she still wanted to make out
Told baby girl I'm eating take out
Soon as I break out
Police swarm the whip
Quick Give em the fake out
Shaking jakes like an earthquake
Get the papes out
You might wanna reevaluate the claims
That yo nigga made
Before they get yo niggas slain
Cutting niggas when I roll up
Just like an optimo
Snatch that batch by her head
Break a bitch like sum bread
Then I'm ghost

But whatever they brought
To jack us
Wasn't enough
So I copped a Mack 10, pump
Anna Mack truck
(Ooh) I'm back punk
With mad funk
Never squash beef
I gotta piece
Anna QP too
So fuck peace
I got no leash on these streets
And I won't cease the beat
So I keep these niggas dancing
Like they got muscular dystrophy
Yo history
Makes no sense to me
Instead of getting his chips
This bitch busy is dissin me
Hit him with the clips
Full of cysts
Now he blistering
His bitch sip my piss
And her lips taste like shit
you have 1 life to live
Give it up cuz I'm taking it
Ain't no mistaking
If its faking then I'm breaking it
Spaghetti roll up to yo city
Betty call me Boba Fetti
Bout to peel up something pretty
Shitty silly on these titties
Gimme gimme
Fork over the cash
I'll Pull off yo ski mask
Then blast on ya ass
Suspicious of my pimpin
But you never see me claiming fake
Here's proof the bitch don't think
Yo She a shit in the sink ho
Best not blink
Yank yo chain by a link
And throw that shit
in the bottom of my drink
Track Name: Spaghetti Blacc - Creature Say / Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent
If a nigga wanna flex I put this tech to ya temple It's simple Wanna test And Get popped like a pimple Crackas say spaghetti blacc I've never heard of ya Psycho murderer Stalking up white suburbia You niggas best cop The manuscript of what I'm allowing You'd best know It's about to rain bullets Because my brain's cloudy Bitch you been bout it? Punk bitch I doubt it Some rich sucka start stuntin I start pumping Stop his heart with one slam dunk So Tell me something Who gets more crunk than me Spiggity with the 380 A.K.A. K on the double e Na ã n for nothin Shells in ya brain for frontin The flame combusting Never see me choppin game With all these nigga fakes Shake these niggas Pop Off the heezy like some flakes Now you shook Like a nigga witta summons You ain't see what I did When I Heard the cops were coming I don't wait Yadada I skate Straight off the plate Cuz we be moving weight Get wrecked Tryna check mate Cross game perpetrate Toss flames Game hit a dame Lemme Demonstrate Relentless Go ahead and hate I get a head of the people When I decapitate Do I depreciate Creature say I have no place I got the mute to Mutate But they Have no taste Survival of my biz bitch Buzz up out of my face Before I dial up yo fatal Focus with a shiv up in yo nasal Spine eyes and navel Hit the spot geeked up lika taser Crazed detonating And about to leave a crater Up in my grill get back These flames be dangerous And peep how much fame these lames get The game trip The same shit These simps don't Speak my slanguage I creep with that spit Where the style be languid From the destruction of man The evolution of god Just Slide in they house And Give they neck a new mouth Like to keep my Stories short and my blade long And if youza snitch Consider this yo Final song Riding high on my dubs Since I turned twenty twin Bout to bend this bad bitch And then we hit the strip again I be flossin All the time Mane this shit be Asinine I'm real They pantomime Patna check they panty line Y'all can't fuck with cash The big bumbling sea bass All up in the jungle Like I'm hungry To make some money And it been like this Game thick ever since Niggas been quit Cuz the game sicc Tryna spit the same old shit I plot it spot em and pop em Drop em I gets mine proper Standing in my way Nigga we gotta problem No worries i'ma solve em Like all em Hear they ancestor's callin Heated Ain't got no beef Nigga beat it Why y'all lookin at me Cuz y'all look so defeated No repeat treats Nor niggas taking my seat I'm that throne nigga You who I own nigga All grown with my head in the zone nigga bitch kid shit ain't condoned Go figga Got jigga lookin at me like I'm encrusted in gold And ol bitches seek the nigga That be Swinging that pole O These rhymes leave ya brain swole Like you awoke gettin beat witta Sack a coal Pull a jack move and we be Ready to roll Like popping six thizzles Don't get it twisted Nigga That's my goal You lucky if I toss yo broke ass a bone And tell yo ass to go home When I hit the scene Everybody back up Don't make me havta smacka Mothafuckin acta It don't matter Who the fuck show up Errbody know I pack that sho nuff Throw from the shoulders The beat get colder As I make these niggas fold up But hold up I go nut Codeine heem up in my cup Overflowing Ain't about that next level Homie you don't know me Go cop me 1 mo foty I let my bows swang Like vogues on my foes mang Stay on my toes mang Put holes in a fool brain To teach how we do thangs Yea I'm a ghoul mane My goons need yo change We d-ranged we tote thangs On a bitch like a coat hanger don't touch no club banger fuck with this thug anger