The Blacc Ski Weekend Market

by Blacc Ski Weekend Industries

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released September 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Blacc Ski Weekend Industries New York, New York

Blacc Ski Weekend Industries

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Track Name: Bomb Threats 2k13
Never takin shit Nigga ask me why Got a team fulla niggas That would love to watch you die Remaining calm upon my bomb threats You niggas ain't got no time left Tell me who finna respond next I'm bolo Loose tight braids like a convict Back away from the speakers son I'm about to vomit Mind tickin By the time i reach nine I'm finger licking Over my victim Misidentified me in court And the body at morgue And I'm out to Mississippi Drowning niggas in gorges I'm eating porridge I'm dumpin mortars Fuck with immortals Ski mask on Kicking in your front portal I ain't got no time to scrap Just fill up the sack! I'm gurpt out on crack Motherfucker Buck on yo face like a goddamn clucker, punk So let it be knizzown Out here choppin up game with my kizzno Also known as my kinfolk There you go Patna thanks for tha Info Get ghost float like ozone smoke
Track Name: Save No Preferences 2k13
Ah izza ah izza Whoever could it be Still Trollin with dojand coal Crushin Cold Spaghetti Maybe less people should aspire To be a bitch But since they exist I'm finna slander they name up in my spit Fasho goin shogun rogue ronin Stones up in my nose And will roam at any moment Throw blows on my opponents It don't matter who the fuck you wit Come at me with some shit And get hit with more Than a just a judo kick I'm going ludicrous Bend a bitch and run through it You'll smell raw sewage No names this time just the fluid Rock boomin And stocks accruing Yo block ruined Stockings ripped The cops won't save you bitch Tell someone who gives a shit Cuz ain't nobody above me Treating em like the piece of shit they are Charge through bricks Like a Minotaur And shit on yo pillow bars You done got Blacc listed Backfisted Like Masochistic ass bitches Waiting for me to lay down the pimpin I done killed Keenan houser Gave birth to GNATS So a nigga gotta rap Like he want his life back So what kind of vacuum is you J Edgar or Larry Cuz I been fed savy Savagely is how I navi The Gate of negotiations is closed It's too late I done shoved grenades up in you hoes Before I explode I'm shady like a number 2 pencil Upon the correct answer Or the shadow cast on the white House from tha black panthers It don't matter where I'm from What matter is where the fuck you scatter out to Cuz there niggas be hating But bitch I ain't thinkin about you I'm the nigga who be Capping white boys wearing hoodies Just like tookie I ain't no rookie Fuck yo cookies Beat niggaz Beat Beat bitches Street niggaz Rich bitches like me own mistress Nigga I'm the realest But fuck dat If you niggas don't get to feel us Its because I'ma bust caps So many niggas in puffy coats You thought it was blacc ski weekend Bet i'm Breaking bitches all down into tricks Witta hard dick I left the spot 1 million copies sold Of that same old sack of crack rock And I be getting xeroxed like 2pac Spaghetti blacc All up in the wind Till the funkin end Find me round yo momma's house Poppin the trunk Shooting it up
Track Name: Who Da Culprit? feat. Cognac Tone & tha return of Macc Trigga 2k13
Aw yeah back up in that ass once again With the whole industry And Mac trigga ya feel me And cognac tone finna spit that shit Peep game Them Po-popes think I just slang dope Said nope I'm the CEO of Blacc ski Weekend industries Never looking dusty in the streets So it seems Like ya Ole yampin ass chicken shit head Ass claptrap fiend Panty Annie niggas wanna jock my flow Ridin on my nuts just like a bicycle I got lips lika grazed bullet wound Extracting flesh from puss Plus you givin it up cuz Me and my niggas get kinetic Knack knockin Kinesthetic with my prosthetics pyrotechnics Poppin till my glock unleaded Beheaded Let me feed you Lessons of the game Like I got amnesia Ughh what's my name? Wock boca flex pickup Me ammo man Come thru yo town a stick up In a camo van Lorda mercy Me buckshot upon everyting Reach out and touch someone It over when me bullet sing Dey iffa play me closa Heat em wit the toasta Buying me the doja Out to Santa Rosa Watch me now Poof poof Out de courtroom They got no proof proof I slit yo throat foo Didn't havta lay game down on a g But the nigga tried to run game on me So I whooped a nigga dead ass in the street When the nigga know that I'm gone pack heat
Track Name: Movements in Blacc Chi 2k13
A lookie here An listen up You bitches ain't worth my time Don't ever think yo ass is safe If I can still bust a rhyme Just a quick lesson bout Who be misbehavin' Jungle satan Pissing on steps like a vagrant This ain't a battle about Who be giving it up When I put this pump to yo stomach Punk You straight up out of luck Did you know I'm expecting too That a nigga like you is finna choke on some baby stool You BGing ass pc species Got PHIV Cuz I mainline microphones upon the nightly Glocks and megaphones I got a riot to insight see I knew the game was fucked up When I stepped up in it That nigga funk But nigga let him in Niggas don't know Like niggas don't know me So niggas can't flow oh well And niggas who owe me Mostly lie deeper than an oil well That ends well Well fuck it I'm in the bucket Musket out Shots bussin out Fuck it...I'm fuckin it Disgusted by these clips Yo ass can't stomach it Suspicious snitches get stitches Bitches ain't know I'm brain dead I aim lead And I gots no love for ya If you was dying on me Punk bitch I'll pull the plug on ya I would love to make it rich But tonight I'm pissing blood on ya bitch Niggas on the run better check they shit Cop yoself a gun To protect yo shit And maybe one more To defend yo bitch If you're into that shit Ya finna get shot Stop a nigga heart Sparking niggas like pot Caught this nigga speaking down upon spaghetti blacc Running off at the lip Punk ain't learn from his homies We the kind to empty tha clip But if niggas don't owe me Niggas don't know me Then niggas don't like my shit Cuz when my spit hit ya circle Transform tornado spiral And straight Primeval upon arrival There's no survival Eventually even the fittest have to quit And that's when you can tell I be up on my shit Comin up with no remorse or respect Will break a nigga for a check Like checkmate I'm poppin off tectonic plates And be at yo neck And whatever gush out ain't marinara nigga... Up in yo face like mascara But when I point n click it ain't no camera Goddamn it clack back and splatter Ya brain upon the Tarmac Yo bitch gotta problem I'ma slash her throat For my cash flow Roll up like blunts in ash smoke Yo fame ain't real You Handed the rap game a check As the industry pats itself on the bacc But you gets no respect Learn the difference between me and you A tycoon and a coon Before my gats have yo brains upon every surface in yo room Where you get those niggas Who hated on us? Did you hop in yo truck And pick em up from haters R Us? Thinkin we harmless Shove a shiv in a novice's epiglottis Like we thoughtless Forgot our manners but brought clips I'm clickin back into reality Checking back into myself Relapse and splash blood cells And Slash everybody else And while I be casting spells Crackin skulls Practicing skills and packing Slugs for the kill Forget the frontin and bluffin Movements towards the blacc chi Is why we landed Bring forth yo leader I demand it Huffin and puffin Lotus transform focus to tokens Zygotes to ghosts Is Sho nuff ferocious Is I the swarm To the locusts spit? In motion off Motrin Nose froze Snort coke off a boat made of gold Smack these old crows Straight crack a grown hoe Iz I bold? Bolts of blow On the table Ya mans with the glows Inspect his blood flow With a knife in his navel Prescriptions of pain Pushed by the insane I got niggas pushing up on more blades In the ground Than a scalp thoroughly soaked in rogaine And I'm out Spiggity out and thru yo house and crawlin Tossin grenades and shot callin Shot calmin All thru my veins And brain Up on Caine again I stick a punk stay on my job Witta yawk cocked I'm lookin insane Behind these loccs I'm hearing shit to the brain Flip dip out of consciousness Skip tracc And to another plane Can never keep it together mane Bought me a baretta thang That better thang And let it rang Bet it taste like butter mang Better ask yo brother mane You motherfuckin Po-po's Can suck my dick And I'm done trick You see kiddies, honing focus only got 2 steps: transcend and manifest in that order nigga and fuckin for free ain't nowhere in that From an embryo to embers yo Stack yo chips And hone str8 focus
Track Name: Throwbacc ESP.ION.AGE Type Niggaz 2k1X Jurassicc Error
Always Think before you speak But never announce yo thoughts Wise like the owl Agile like the fox But nigga what the focc? This shit they try to be pullin up on gnats is trash The table cloth is on my lap Bout to put the rap game on flats Nigga Still don't give a fuck It's espionage on mine Out here Mimic my style and disappear Invincible? I think not! I be on the brink dispensing head shots Mo ice than a rink Mo hands on my drink Than niggas bailing out of the Klink Mo rings up on those hands Will hit you with the kitchen sink I flinch and kill these bitches Which would be reckless But these traitin ass hoes Stay grabbing on my necklace Peep my inflection Number one suspect Jus Tryna get numb The game peep my instincts own Extinction This is a just a throwbacc To the Jurassic error Never kickin it with squares Choppin it up with cops Even better Switch up skip and nimp walk to the beat On the suspicious tip These flea dogs got the beef Witta hawk like me Dumpin up on em serving tha casualties a la tha goddamn ass King of the Blacc ski weekend industry Fists be cracking against the concrete Cuz I'm packing that espionage see And dip out to the spot Dawg just be gone G But never slip and think that a nigga can harm me 1 man 2 hands Still stronger than the army Regardless Where you goin with that spliff My nig I needs that lift big My nilla I'll split yo wig Before I impart on you the gift The god is out serving incisions My nigga you just a vision now Good fucking riddance Small ass rap kittens And I be high
Track Name: Praying Mantis 2k13
Fine diamonds and ninjas Attention I'm Tryna teach y'all A lesson I'm in the new club With my weapon Feelin frogish Just leap son peep Praying mantis Style on the creep With my grasshoppers and crickets Up in the streets Tryna pop some peacock feathers Aye But only if they giving up some cheddar Aye Or else I got my baretta I'm gettin that purse Bitch Bet I won't Give a shit about my record Cuz no I don't You just finna let that shit play Out Get it like the gout How you live it? without a doubt I be taking names Removing lames up out they paper route And they be hating now Look at this biddy just standing On the avenue Show me what's hapnin Wanna see asses shakin Till bones start crackin Make the pussy start rappin like Thank gawd I'm freed from that cage This ol nasty ass heifer Of the stank ho persuasion I'm Swayze Trading paint Skippin thru lanes Thought u knew On gold shoes is how we move thangs Rude boy you get bruised When we abuse Brutally This game ain't Nathan new to me Who will be the next to have me Spittin they eulogy While they useless toothless Less soul than a shoe Is that my issue? No May I continue? Go What am I into? Dough We dump and then? Reload We in the wind fa show Blending in mid daylight Delay ya train if I go insane And split yo brain Cuz I'm thirsty Bout to straight put in work mane Quick to break a nigga off If he ain't show respect Cut em like a check Or tell him run it with the Tek At his neck punk Shoulda known I come with the funk Kamikaze with the shotty Shooting holes up in yo body Triple beam me up Scotty Tell me what it weigh It's going up my nose fo rilla My nigga but anyway See these hating niggas with they mug on tight Ignite on sight I'm sippin right My rivals wanna bite These niggas wanna flex But they ain't heard the word Triple dribble on that ass and leave em lying on the curb Walkin out the sto with a case of st ides Left the cashiers blindfolded hog tied Can I keep on spittin killin on these 1s and 2s But you niggas do not know me Dare I say you have no clue Aye i'ma wrap this up and take it to go like a fat bitch ya feel me?
Track Name: Tha Rap Game Aint Shyt 2k13 GA$$IN
I'm steppin to the mic Asking who will be the first to draw I stay upon my stealth My nigga and give these niggas no clues at all Never give a bitch my time And nigga fuck a hater So much fire on this fry I call it my Thai saber I'm the king and I'm the god And I'm the mob And all that other shit When I step up to the microphone You better run for cover bitch Ain't no love leakin Slugs creeping Two up in yo ribs And I left a ransom note Sped off with those rich ass kids I'm gassin on these niggas Cracking caps of all these bitches I'm after the riches Whoever have it That's who get it As I fire up another spliff In time for mission briefing I twist up another leaf But not for the bequeathing And every blacc person I know Got diabetes So i'ma probly kill the game But if I complain I'm being greedy So I'm fiending for grenades Crime pays oh well For the kill My dick hard like a damn tortoise shell You bustas need to die Retire or just quit Niggas need to admit That nowadays The rap game ain't shit It's true So if you start shit with me I'll beat the shit out of you Fuck a beat nigga Bitch run it! Ah Bitch run it!! Spaghetti-o is dissin My whole click yo what a travesty They baffled when I dash they ass across the path if they battle me It's a blood bath Dismantle trash I only handle the cream Half man half 9 millimeter man eating machine Like Hannibal Chasing down motherfuckers Like an animal You done got scanned Yo fuckin body gonna end up in a body bag And I'm not one to brag Me bullets can do that Take a motherfuckin drag Of this gat nigga!