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少不讀水滸, 老不讀三國 - the final chapter in the GNATS trilogy


released January 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Blacc Ski Weekend Industries New York, New York

Blacc Ski Weekend Industries

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Track Name: foul play
I put the pen to the paper
Start poppin p'z up in this bitch
Ya thumbs freeze
Scroll technique
Can't read ya own quips
Gimme lip snitch
When I smack
Finna snatch that shit off
Pop off
Like mikhail Kalashnikov
Where ya focus
Where ya nose is?
Take ya glasses off
You niggas sound like
You chokin off molasses cough
Now pass it
I'm that walking
Passing on
Standing under the moon barking
Blucka blucka
I ain't takin no more malarkey
My niggas chop down trees
And roll em up in bark
And burn ya whole city when we spark
Like frank nitty
No pity
Spaghetti done got you ready
To slit yo wrists quick
Tied up in my basement
Not knowing where the exit is
It don't exist
You in the corner pissin yoself
I'm creepin out the mist
You gon say yo last words
While swallowing my fist
No small fish
lobsters or nothing at all bitch
Straight lumberjack
Attacking and Hacking up a tall bitch
So here ya treat a fuckin leash
Suspect foul play
If they find ya ass deceased
It don't cease
Switch gears
On the strength for the weak
No limit Goin critical
Insane Tryna kill pain with pills
Goin clinical
Like serial killers
Who just can't divorce from a corpse
Code stays morse
When we shooting niggas like horse
Down to receive 5 bloody swords
From the source
I step in
Niggas get sore from the force
My weapon
Be whatever I'm reppin
Repo man
ran thru yo clan no questions

Word on the block is
U ain't fly like them birds
Down with them herds
You herb
Bong as my word
Perturbed at the murder scene
Got nerds checkin CSI
Just ask Ice T
Mr. Merk ya lean
Hurt a fiend
Hiccup dust like Hercules
I got these niggas in check
Pawn for pawn
Wall to wall
Y'all get inches of steel
If I get involved
From the revolva
I'll solve
All ya problems
Click into some psycho shit
And stab ya while i rob ya
Cuz I'm the
Chain reaction
Cuz all my particles slap harder
Than chronicles
I'm the abominable
Aiming straight for ya abdominal
I'm that nigga touch cheese
Like dominoes
And move with this weight
Like something not possible
Coughing hard off the whole damn garden
Lace my dust up
Twist a motherfucking junction
We gon smoke big
Till we both get concussions
My custard
Off the cuff
No bluffin
Flash bills
Cram pills
Cousin that's enough
We lookin like out of towners
In our own state on downers
Bout to clown and toss these niggas
Off the damn tibbett towers
Like superpowers
Got me stuck off super sour
Loud sewage
Gaseous fumes every hour
I'm a vacuum
Bitch I ought to smack you
I'm generating stacks ho u stuck in a Snafu
Starting to get under my skin like a tattoo
Lacerations from living in sin
I'm the reverend of the taboo
How a fool like u sposta raise up out
The human zoo
Here's some clues
To catch some rubes in a ruse
And be out like a breeze in the room
They perfumed up
We writing on the wall with blood
Cuz we don't give a fuck
Swat team kicked down the door to the shed
Felt a cold bludgeon
Upside my head
Track Name: Goulash Colossal G4 Mix
Where's my revies?
It's spaghetti
But y'all ain't ready
To lay out on the floor
For my fetti
They say damn spaghetti blacc
U is hard as nails
And yo beats sound like
Droppin derringer shells
These niggas can't flex
Cuz they some fucking cowards
I do a line of yay
Before I step into the shower
Me walks upstage lookin hella humongous
Buku chips
Steady growin like a fungus
Thumb tack a nigga against the wall like a bulletin board
Matter of fact motherfucka
I do the same to these whores
Brap bap bap
And now those niggas on the corna
Are all in a coma and I'm out to Tacoma
Ain't leaving fingerprints up in directories
But leaving hallow tips is my objective
If these disrespectin bitches get ta threatening me
Dare I repeat the devilish pimptastic tendencies
Upside yo head with a frying pan
Don't ever ask me for the remedy
Flip the formula
But don't understand the recipe
The rest em be them niggas you hear bout rest in peace
Stress and grief
Keep em guessin
With redirections every second
Sirens don't mean shit
Now who run these streets
It's time
To hit the liquor store and get ripped
Druncc We don't give a fuck and don't be taking no shit puncc
Out the abyss for blood I rip
Real big pimp
No small fish
Won't stall
To drop science
Stop speaking English
You gon hear some bird caw
Foe these cops get extinguished
Gunshots ringin in the dark straight vicious
Hoppin off rooftops
Like Saint Nick on Christmas
While pullin up on my jeans
Droppin change like a fool
Spilling brains
Now I'm Rollin in a stolen old school
No fingerprints no witnesses no evidence
No stopping at red lights
Cuz I'm tore off the medicine
Let me look up my patna's coordinates
Cuz right about now I shouldn't be in orbit
Had to smash on the gas
I mean floor it
Because I can't afford to have the cops come lookin for it
So now it's in the river
Finally got a ring back said
"What's up my nigga?"
"Grab 2 8 balls and a case of 8
And a st ides for ya self
And come thru cuz we straight"
I thought I heard some hoes in the background
Time to go from the killa to a Mac mode
But I've been known to lay the smack down
Check my background
I have never been the one to back down
So how you wanna act now
I step in the back door
With smack and some crack whores
Ready to bore tracks and leave they back sore
Some niggas who recognize must've looked it
Said spaghetti blacc u leaning over hecka crooked
After I fell right on my face
We smoke big doja
Get hype
And storm out the place
I beat my dick
like the LAPD
Commit lacerations
You haters don't wanna see me
Did Santa leave baking soda and a boiling beaker?
Must be time to rock up the greatest hits down on ya speaker
You know
Like rock the vote
on my campizziaign
새로운 언어의 남자 같은 트랙 재생
und ich es tut so gut, bis ich pop
No me disculpo por reventar rimas
Track Name: Blacc Mahjong feat. Deezius & @SpaghettiBlacc
Proto Protozoa android motions
For the tribe to ignite
And consume some potion
I vow to only place the game above me
Ain't no niggas nor rank bitches
That can touch me
Torqued up
Ya ford's getting forked up
Reporting from
Nose deep
up in some pork guts
Now I gotsta
Stretch my back
Get my head above the bean stalk
Crippled from chronic smoke
leg brace up in my G walk
I'ma finna let the magazine talk
On the whole scene
While I grow old
Spreading Like mold green
Spaghetti blaccteria
Is back spitting passages
And harassing these assassins
In an untimely fashion
I break em in half
With my discipline
With no disclosure of the evidence
Lemme grab my composure
Swinging hanging from the ceiling
Smoking doja
Heating up like rotisserie
Chicken up out the kitchen
Take flight
Wings full of cake every night
Run ya chain
Foe this slug dug up in ya brain
If I run up on you mid campaign
It's a rampage
you in the cut like trenches
Y'all done dug ya own graves
Crossing lames like lanes
If I'm landing a plane
And run over ya Lexus son
Check game
Lames askin
If I got skills to pass
No game granted
Now they throwin up tantrums
It ain't by chance
If I catch em slippin
Circumstances of simpin
Got these broke niggas limpin
I'm lit
Unraveling yet twisted
My game been bit by bitter ass bitches
We should come together
Instead of selling out each other
But all's well that ends well
For me motherfucker
I ain't no hero
I bought the game
With coins only
Like a G doe
Leave niggas blistering
For skreezag dinero
Into the booth
Ski mask on tight
Whole New persona
Time to take flight
Fool I ain't here to spit rhymes
For a deal or some change
Break in ya house
Let's play doctor
I'll open ya brains
Like Sesame seed sprinkle
The recipe
I can't get fucked up
If the pipe ain't contain that twinkle
Run yo lip
Nigga talk big shit
Swing the whip around
You lookin worse than doe B
And Slick rick
Take off ya headphones
And hear me unloading dipshit
In the streets
Eating chopped liver delicious
Straight savage
Beneath avarice
And Vicious
Under the influence
Cuz I'm poppin on these bitches
But I'll be the bigger man
When I draw upon the trigger
Get Gilled up
Tryna cross a real one
My fin ta
Charge the earth
To the epicenter
I done shook
You old crusty ass crooks
Cutty look
They distracted cuz they playing by the book
I'ma hack em with no hook and leave em laying by the nook
Cross the board
We creepin on you pawns like rooks
And reaping got the game sewed up
Kings be weepin
Ain't no sleeping
Spaghetti blacc
Why ain't u hearing him?
Speakers still smoking
While u lost in delirium
Check my shit like a dental record
And Identify a snitch
Nobody respect him
Track Name: formula tactics
Silence is golden
When I'm sprawling cross the way
Puffin on some Itchy steel
Quick foes move out my way
The game done changed mane
Now go and tell a fool
That I sell crack
I'll smack you with a beretta tool
Never let a fool in
Quiet is as kept
When a nigga Change the program
While you punk bitches slept
Stealth is the blessing
In the snow like a polar bear
Tidal waves tear yo block
Now yo spot be nowhere
Check the force I'm repping
Got niggas hoarse but repenting
You better watch yo step b
You'd best not step to me
Aliens misbehaving
Like take me to yo leader
I said punk meet your maker
Now we know who the faker
Quiet on the set
Hear my threats you fuckin Quaker
I'ma beat him and shake her
For the change tear em up like paper
Still comin deranged
And hard as shells out the derringer mane
Prepare for the pain
That I stay peddling mane
Prince or peasant
Line up like cocaine
And get ya cap pealed
I'm scalping niggas like Knicks tickets
For a nickel quick
To make em quit
Knit these niggas a quilt
Somebody shoulda killed me
Now y'all done got the guilt
This ain't no harlequinade
I'm harmin niggas with blades
And grenades
Play yo part yo
You hardly on stage
Bitch check my species
Hoes think I'm creepy
I'll gouge ya eyes out
So you can peep me
I'm stuck on repeat
Empathy on empty
Still dishing out game
Cuz I got plenty

Now everyone is gonna want
A larger cut of the pie
And I only know one type of piece
Oh me oh mine
1 45 plus both hands upon that nine
At the same time
Zero hour game time
Gain money time on the grinind
I be on some sketchy shit
Quiet is as I krept
Conspire a crime
And fertilize ferns familiar with formaldehyde
I fathom
They on the blacktop spazzin
We snap they batch in half
I make a quarter while I take a bath
I get the ring from the payphone
At the end of the mayhem
"I'ma do my partner in
I'm sayin you won't have to pay him"
Might hear a click
But ain't no end to this shit
I'm pushin niggas out the frame
On the scene gettin 2 thick
Niggas step to me unknowns
Whoever u is
I'm poppin at yo brain
John Doe
Cus now you toothless
And stoppin me is impossible
Can't pause the beat on these imposter hoes
Implausibly this hater crow with razors be berating the snowglobe
Run up on me
That shit is a no go
Bitch u a dead ho
If I say so
Spit fuego while these niggas talkin about
Taste the rainbow
Dealin pain
Test me motherfucka
Pass for insane
All about them whatzits and whosenots
Fuck whatever you got
I'm hittin up yo crew spot
Like a screw
I'm goin through it SHIT
Fully's rip
Then I done dip
Lookin for codes to break me up out this episodic shit
Formula tactics
Rocked up knowledge
The hour of chaos
Hath fallen upon us
Keep a lead pipe
Bust a square into a rhombus
This air tight knit shit
Beyond bonkers
These niggas talkin bout toys so we call em tonka
Stick em before they can get in the casino in Yonkers
I'ma make a wild noise
Rip his boys like blanka
Like muscles avoiding lobsters
They afraid of how I be claiming
Invading the arrangement
We some spaghetti ass mobsters
Run up on you kid
Beat you niggas unconscious
Ain't nobody call the cops
We walked in like monsters
Popping on any nigga who gon give me a problem
Here's a problem
The fuck you gon do?
Get up out yo car!
Stuck you to the avenue
Give a fuck
With no reason just rippin shit up
My niggas that be kin to me be like
"Next time i'ma duck!"
And unfortunately my enemy
Seems to be up outta luck
A sitting duck all up outta clucks
We sittin comfortable mega plush
And plus
We puffin on something way too haphazardous
Discussing cousin don't ask no questions
Espionage be the god
Don't draw no attention
We gon rain down from the sky
With the motherfuckin lesson
And be out with the drainage man
No question
Track Name: break yourself
I said "Hold on baby girl before you continue
Ya need to bow down to ya knees blow give heed and pay tribute"
This ain't a drill
Up in ya grill wit a hollow tip pill
Come get your fill
First come first served
Perversions of trill
Over a textile Hex i'll wreck yo necks now Surrender checks
Who's next to feel neglected
A flick through my Rolodex
Roamin undercover
Take notice I'm lookin homeless
Stop you at a red light
Now you groanin and filled with holes
Switch souls new goals
Bi polarity two fold
High off clarity
Lookin for Vaseline and chastity
Fin to chastise that ass witta cattle prod while I'm wearin a mask
Time to hop up on the saddle god
The black James Cagney in white heat
Got everybody running in the streets like I'm fuckin Public enemy

Never been no punk
Known to get crunk
Pop open the trunk
Lots of stankin funk
I break these streets sew them up
Time to apply pressure
I'm fried
But I'm about to let these niggas fester
Tha busta
Mothafuckin skull crusher
Bitch can't tell me shit
I'm upside yo ear though
In yo purse for deniro
Then disappear
Like a motherfuckin superhero
And these MC Zeroes don't equal shit
I'm lit Dutch master goin regal bitch
You get abused like needles of illegal shit
My click crew ain't down
With any nigga you knew
Quick to scrape
A nigga face on his own damn avenue
Cuz Patna I'm blowin up
Can't be taking no shit
Beat it into yo head
So you don't get the wrong notion
Commotion rippin
And I caught these niggas slippin
Now they missing
From the diner table on thanksgiving
I pull the plug
On a wired up thug
I show no love
I'm jettin to yo mug like a slug
Yank you up off yo shit
High rankin office holdin
Scoldin niggas scorching scores
Selling sickle cell & scoliosis
I know this
These niggas pushed out in osmosis
The game been locked down
Don't nobody want this
I'm shocked
What happened to these old niggas focus
I plot
While everyone claimin they stayin true
I got an open shot on these niggas in plain view
I got
blood stains up on my same shoes
I'ma be out with the waves of crews in plain blue
While yo niggas on they back
In hecka pain du

Wait? What was that?
We have confirmed reports
Spaghetti blacc identified
Smoking chewy in the morgue
Its the G up in this bitch
Puffin on a full stick
Whole room coughing
Can't nobody see up in this shit
My amigo my Amiga and the 808 kit
Kick yo crates off the side of the ship
My beats'll bust ya lip
I'm creeping on the under with a musket
Makin niggas on the mic start to sound like they rushin
Got these niggas nervous
Ain't u heard of us
No discussion
We some psychopathic murderers
Verbally flipping these niggas
Just like burgers
And i'ma charge the botch 100%
In the coochie for the skrilla
Keep it rilla
Came and went
Then I hit the fence nigga
Quiet is as kept
These niggas cave under pressure
Becoming slaves to these lessers
I must be insane
To cut open a mug throat
And let it rain
Cuz it ain't over till these stool pigeons can't sing
I'm a bandit
Like niggas Robbin trains
Keep it movin
Any fool who can't get down with my movement
In ruins
Is how them niggas be doin
How them niggas be accruin any revenue is a mystery and I'll leave it to you

Now I'm itching for another maneuver
Masochist hypocrite
Take in more blow than a Hoover
So nigga watch me hover
Bout to air out the spot
Where these niggs be undercover
Steady snitchin on my plot
These fajitas are wrapped
Way too tight
Like a tourniquet
Popo's done started a riot
Saying I lured them in
We gone puffin on krypton
Doggin like lassie
ask these lil bitches
In the streets they need daddy
Smokin cabbie straight hog
My whole sortie be Porkie pig
No love for these Crackas
On the mothership my nig
Me and my niggs think we real big shit like Jesus
Get stank on a bitch
Like foreign cheeses
Niggas got me on the edge naw
I'm chill like rufenol
Straight from the root canal
Killa lyrics out the booth n all
Steppin in big like a statue
My hands don't do shit
My shoulders do all the movin
Shovin punks up out this bitch
Push a classic
Try to budge me I'm goin Jurassic
I'm half sick
The other half charging like plastic
Flyin off the voltage
These bitches will die in vain
I'm off cocaine is what they be hopin
Go long for the pass
Strayin off the path and stayin hopeless
Got issues
I'm Packin magazines but shit
I'll rip flesh
Turn ya crew into hot tissue
Won't miss you
And no doctor gon fix you
Down to ripple like waves
High like the tide
Let's join forces
Obsidian flow
Unearth corpses
Straight tidal
No man dare call me they rival
Cuz when I arrive
Ain't no chance of survival
Please rise
For the honorable spaghetti blacc
Back to back
I'm peeling caps before ya eyes
I ain't gotta wake up
Gargoyle Be Gargling cake
Plotting to push these niggas right
Up Out the Empire State
Ain't no treaty
Niggas be lookin at me like baked ziti
Spray em up like graffiti
And repeat
Who gon stop me
Not in my pedigree
Rustling these niggas by their feathers be
Run yo leathers
Foe I pop off with this Barretta see
I got a mind to make every nigga my enemy
My agenda be better than any offender
Come realer
Peeled like Unsealed
Return to sender
For real
sour niggas must relish
We comin way too plush
But narrow ass niggas be sore
From taking it up the butt too much
That's just a hunch
Kick back my
Spigot get wicked on a cunt
Attract spies
Drawing flies
Hearing lies

Gristle on a bitch
If they be flaugin
Yes I gotta come quick
Pissin on them 1s & 2s
Niggas steady frontin
When they leave the club wit nothin
Cuz a bitch gon have to choose
Rob em out they shoes
This a fuckin jack move
Da da da and now you lose
Bloody in da parking lot
When I pop pop fool
Cuz you ain't knew the rules
I run yo jewels
Track Name: Spaghetti Blacc - sold out food
I'm the mofuckin juggernaut
On drugs
Cutting the jugular
Thugs think they can juggle dubs
Be ready to rumble
Cuz be down to the law of the jungle:
Fuck yo shit
You reserve the right to get pummeled and dumped on
Rummaging through raw rubble
With blood on my hands
Searching through my inner thoughts
For a damn master plan
She said "you don't mean that"
Could have the whole rap game took
We some crooks
Wit crooked bats
And coon skin caps
Like my ace boon platoon
Stand to spit raps
But if u down for bitch shit
We don't understand that
We up in yo business
You claustrophobic Like quicksand
Done penetrated yo pimpin
Clear out yo ears n listen man
Rippin bone off the gristle
when I wrestle
Get out yo utensil
For this lesson:
I don't wanna hear shit,
Tell it to my smiff n wessun

Aliens trip into the darkness
And be up to no good
When u went spaghetti blacc
U was Sold out food
When u signed ya self
Fooled some mortals
But them true ones knew
Schooled ya quick
Dust the sauce up off this rusty bitch kicks
Nobody bit this nigga
But he straight got ate
Made him wrap his mouth round the nine
And so goes his fate
I reloaded plus potioned up
And be waiting at his wake
No options on the board
More heads for the morgue
More brains for storm
And we worship the war
Good lord gas to the floor
I gotta settle the score
And I'm stinkin while I'm drinkin
Till my cup overflow
I've got nowhere to go
But on the chase for some dough
Someone's gotta make a living
But everyone must die
Truthfully yo I been set up
In my booth in disguise
Foaming from my lips with hatred
Time to take to the skies
His soul uncanny
Behind himself with anger
Into every cell nook and cranny
Crammed a one man gangbanger
Quit invading my thoughts
Suggestive voices
Pump yo breaks yo like a tip on the plot

I'm a piece of meat
Hangin in there jus swayin in the breeze
Over flames steady creepin
Bout to crawl up on my knees
I'm heating up like a cross
Ain't u bigger than that?
I'm x'ed out like a boss
Rollin like 10 niggas that fat
I'm making brains go splat
They drippin down from the ceiling
Revealing murderous teachings
Consealing unheard of squealing
Hunger strike like lightning
Dumb bitch break like bread
Deafened from the beats
The beast step in ya head

The 3rd world war
Is going down in New York
Cops out here lynching niggas
New klan
comin with pitchforks