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In this album, Professor EGG relies on his guitar with robotic bat wings to lift his laboratory off the earth before it is destroyed by the moon.

Blacc in the year of our Lord...


released May 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Blacc Ski Weekend Industries New York, New York

Blacc Ski Weekend Industries

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Somebody wake spaghetti blacc up
Tell him the war is on
Who these perpetratin copy cats
Tryna get up in my home
Gotta dismember cats just to get up in my zone
Witta surgeon mask and a mind fulla perv on
It ain't no thang for me to catch a case justa get my swerve on
Leave you squirming like Vermin
Hurtin and blood squirtin
I be runnin all through the system
Stabbing niggas quick
Sharing a diabetic's prick
And that ain't even for my chips
Too much spaghetti bound to make these niggas sick
Flippin out like a switchblade
You snitch you bitch made!!!
Pop my collar man time to check this shit
If you haven't already
It's your respect I'm out to get
Get put on mo traccs than midi effects
Spaghetti blacc the usual suspect
Buckin at yo crib wit the musket
Nigga fuck shit
Bring that pcp punch to yo function
Packin heat
You cannot see me punk
No discussions
Some niggas only drink Hennessy
Dem other niggas ain't really
Kin to me
So I heard you ain't feelin me
Now we hearing yo eulogy, bitch!!
Get popped by the poppa Blacc Ops
Lookin like a cyclops
Might hop off these rocks
You'll get split I'm Spittin range
Target practice like
One in the chamber
Gettin lit
Let's rip this shit
Straight Geronimo
Boutsta roll on these niggas
Like a combo of dominos
I'm the abominable snowman
Cutting blow with both hands
And broke
So I must wring yo neck
Till you choke
Track Name: Spaghetti Blacc - FANGRAM (OGre Ver.)
I hit the doja thang
To regain my center
Popo lookin for the body
Where I put it I don't remember
Shoulda known it was a hit
I trip and commit
Don't nobody you know get down like this
With a bong for a bitch
god as my witness
Evil is my business
Servin sittin simps the Siccness
Strapped wit that advantage
Make a fan step back
Cuz no one ever know
How to play spaghetti blacc
Bout to shake up the earth
With the stench on my paws
I done kept a yard full of
1 hunnid pound dogs
Bring that maximum grief
Bitch u be pullin out my digits from the back of ya teeth
Try scrapping wit me
I'm off that laughing gas
And I'm off a sacc of the kief
Ripped the hash off the tag b
And bagg it up
Been sniffin up work for the stamina
Wake up in bandanas
Am I stabbing her
With that diznick like a catheter
Blood curtailing schemes
Over beats in iambic pentameter
Bouta squash this beef
Under my feet like a janitor
Take yo camera
Bitch no more pictures
Quote my scripture I keep shit ripped
Over a fif of tonic take a sip
Make it quick
Before I pull you over and take yo shit
Like the task force be on my porch
I'm a walking corpse
Sportin a
Flamethrower torch
Evil flies up in my brain
Like a stealth ass jet
been dragging my meals
From the swamp to my casket
Ring around the Nina
Nigga let me blast it
Or I wring yo neck
When u get yo ass kicked
My flow come together
Like puzzles in the ocean
No muzzle spittin notions
Make these niggas end up floatin
Step up and get choked
by the evil mob
With sneakers on
stomping out ya speakers
What you geekin on?
I'ma go ahead and run through the whole train
Witta switchblade
Rip flesh split veins
Wit the sick aim
In the mix off the cocaine
Is my fix
For that shit
You know I throw a fit
And hit a lick
And spin off quick
Spittin a limerick
Up in court
Spittin some innocence
Lit like incense
Since I rep that murderous intent
But I'm shaky shady
insane in the brain Is my defense
How we make 500 heads bump
Not in no club
We roll up in trucks
Shooting cities up like ducks
My niggas be nevin a givin a fuck
A world tour
Psychosis campaign
We bring the world war
The bats start to flap
As my gun go crack
And now the Popo's be
Diggin out slugs from ya bacc

I'm both the sniper and the rifle
Come taste this knife if you be triflin
I'm in disguise hittin a brown ass pipe on dyckman
Look me in my eyes
And get shook
We ain't same game
You can't recognize
And now you drawin flies
Ain't showin no respect
Is how you get yo neck checked
Certified to step
Dodging vets like debt
Cops wondering if he dead yet
Full of lead and anesthetics
With a baretta you betta
Put the bigger picture together
Line em up and leave em severed
My nigga lets get this cheddar
Leave nothing but memories
Of bitch niggas dismembered

Spaghetti spit and Roll craps
Forget daps
I'm at that dome and back witha axe
Like my ace
Windmill swingin mace
Smokin on something laced
You better fuckin check my tapes
When I escape
Bitch I ain't hittin the breaks
As quick as the lives I take
In the stick
You getting cut in half bitch
So how they gonna fuck with this
We brought Kerosene
Get the punccs lit like wics
They ain't hearin me
I be hittin the same spots and disappearing
Highly revered by my peers
Face yo fears when the smoke clears
Blacc pope in 5th gear
Bring the beat from April
Happy new year
Make the turntable wobble
Y'all niggas been gettin robbed
Since y'all was toddlers
So i'ma haveta kick it harder
And come down on these niggas
Like blaccsmiths fashioning armor
Track Name: Spaghetti Blacc - How U Finna...?
Woke up with some thoughts
That had me fucked up
How these niggas finna make a toast
With styrofoam cups
As I ponder alone on the cusp of paranoia
Prepared to cut niggas up
Cuz fuck a lawyer
How u finna see me
and not smoke me up?
U ain't get me in the booth
U broke and stupid as fuck
How u finna throw shade
At me and my gang
When spaghetti blacc taught you how to throw dem thangs
How u finna come 2 broke
For niggas to consider
How u finna finna
Look good on a dinner plate nigga
How u finna get seasoned
With gunpowder showers
How u finna step to my -
POW!!err No reppin ass nigga
split ya team full of cowards
How u finna smeb out
And not give us ours
Whatever you niggas got
Be it rock or powder
How u niggas finna rock ice
With chips on your person
Better tuck yo shit yo bitch
When u hear my verses
Niggas better keep they shit cuffed
Cuz i be rippin everythang on up
How u finna look the victim in the eyes
And not vomit yo lunch in disgust
How bad did I cut him up
My bad I thought yo dad was dust
And I need my fix
Cuz with 1 flick of my wrist
Make yo bitch chin spin off
While she go for a kiss
And I can't wipe my grin off
Cuz I'm sicc from this shit
How u finna hear this and not run
Nigga u the next on the list!!
Known to run my lips
Yellin tellin niggas keep it zipped
Speak bad on a bitch
Me and my clique dipped like cinnastix
And I been spittin since genesis
How u finna not have my Hennessy
Notch, u irrelevant
Don't care if you heaven sent
At any given second
Me and my niggas be hella bent
Then niggas riddle me
"How u finna get crunk?"
So I slit my own neck
And stick my motherfuckin pistol up

How the fuck u finn
Go hard on these broads
With no balls
You need halls
Before you spit those hoarse ass bars
How u finna recall the greatest whoever did it
And not say spaghetti blacc up in it
Y'all ain't forgiven
Forsaken necks breakin up in the club
Where u thought I was?
Well How u finna be so wrong cuz
It's bonkers
I ain't rockem sockem niggas
Steady playin on they tonka
Jus call me jacc the ripper free willy wonka ya heard?
Quick to leave these niggaz twitchin
When I lift em off the curb
Track Name: spaghetti blacc - EX-NUT
I be growin gills
all between my toes
And I be snortin pills
all up in my nose the game froze
So i'ma socc yo bitch
And clock yo bitch
Ain't no stopin this
Nigga from killin hostages
Cuz ain't no such thing as an ex-nut
I take yo best slut
And slice her from the gut up
I be hitting up hospitals
Just to steal syringes from aids patients
Never latent to acupuncture
A lame hatin I ain't playin
And you wonder why I choked yo bitch
Nigga you wonder why I choked yo bitch
Useless cunt kept running those lips
Cocked my fist back to correct her lisp
Smackin the spaghetti out ya mouth
Don't you ever speak on a nigga
And I'm out
Niggas think
they can get away
sayin my name
Ima introduce these
jealous ass bitches to the flames
Reduce these
Pussy ass niggas to change
And spare nobody from the hot nickel plated chrome pickle nigga
You run wit broke ugly bitches
And that's the truth
I'ma sicc some hogs and real ass dogs after you
My niggas fangs rip through tires
Made you hop the fence
Just to get bucked in the face
Anyway fuck suspense
You ain't a producer homie
Bouta break out the caddle prod
And lodge it in yo eye socket
Just for lookin at the god
MC, Square, weak limbs I tear
And evidence at yo crib splattered everywhere
I hope ya momma got the cancer
And i'ma stomp on her breast like a damn tap dancer
In the paddy wagon laughin
The only nigga witthe canvas chucks
To match his blacc straight jacket
Every beat sound frantic
And me raps mainly manic
Cuz I constantly bring the static
Down from the clouds satanic
Make these niggas panic
When I pop 2 from the cannon
And When I drop this album in June
You niggas won't understand it
Wonder what the fuck a lunatic
Finna plot
Bring beef mash niggas like
Tater tots
Finna choke these broke hoes witta table cloth
But shit
Ain't none of these motherfuckers invited to the table
To break bread when I snap you in half at the navel
Whip a bitch with a cable
Say "get back in the stable!"
Fists raining down on these clowns
Nah we firin rounds
Conspiring to burn ya motherfuckin block down
In shock? Cell block earth on lockdown
From Mountaintops
convert boulders to rocks now
And You can choke on my cock
Like it's a mofuckin
chrome plated glock
You niggas
shoulda fuckin killed me when you had the chance
You hear this? Go head and call the ambulance
Scan scams smack clams and yams be my jam
Sketti blacc pacc mo flow than crumbling dams
Go ahead and press charges
See if I give a damn
I'ma snap yo neck regardless
You harmless understand?
Fuckin retarded
Don't start shit unless
you wanna be buried under a garden
Track Name: Ginsu Gnatsnatcher VS. Lamprey
Had to turn down that loud
So I can focus on the murder
We those cackling spine cracking
Assassin niggas ya heard of
Youza herb
Needsta fix ya album cover ya heard
Wanna rep New York but left the birthplace hip hop and rap off the map?
Bet these niggas got no love for spaghetti blacc
When face the facts y'all raps phoned in and faxed
You ain't runnin shit you ain't macs
My stats totally maxed
You punks need to pay tax
And get slapped before you rap
Y'all some bummy lookin hater punks
Don't deserve a single dap
We reroute trains
Nobody goin uptown on yo traccs
And if u from the wrong borough
You gettin buried alive
And we burnin down the Brooklyn bridge
see if y'all can swim across formaldehyde
The Hudson River
Full of you ungrateful motherfuckas
And niggas and bitches and faggots and dykes
And Crackas who thought they spit nice
get hit twice
Clip rippin through they windpipe
Lips stitched eyes gouged
Good game
Cuz I brought the good aim
And i'ma make yo bitch
Lick up yo bloodstains what?
clean up yo brains
Before I stab the slut
It's that no love
I be spittin ricochet hittin
Killin women and children
And innocent bystanders on camera
Post up boast up in the courtroom
Like yea I did it
Make a move for the judge
And leave em gargling blood
Before I can get acquitted
Keep switchblades up under my fitted
Murder on my mind
It's high time you get with it
I be drugging hos so I can drag em
Backstage and stab em
Stab em
Follow me now
Part time manager
Of full time brain damage
Stab her
If she's famished
Take the cash and vanish
With everything I been through
Remain sharp like ginsu
With the pencil
Y'all don't push my potential
So why am I all up in yo mental
Like a bullet in yo temple