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released July 14, 2017

Mr. Pigeon (Reiki Vaxine User x Emergency Broadcast)
Cyhim Ramsay
Drew Street
Zenmaster DEAD
Rob Chambers (Production on tracks 3, 29)

Blacc Ski Weekend Industries // Reiki House
Wanted Dead or Alive Productions
Art by Jozef Boza



all rights reserved


Blacc Ski Weekend Industries New York, New York

Blacc Ski Weekend Industries

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Track Name: holdin court in the streets
Dose em
Thought it wasnt no problems We got beef?
Ima need you to communicate responsibly

Shut the fuck up
We livin like gangsters
Goin up in smoke like
Damn oil tankers
Fam spoiled cranky bout my chips
Turn his block into back up dancers doin flips
Got a problem wit me
We hold yo trial in the streets
I'm airing out my grief
Front of a jury of yo peers and peeps
Never waitin on the law enforcement
To settle my score
Fetch me my reward
& swear by the lord
Before you testify
In bed stuy
Bout shit that went down on Lenox
I be representing myself
But why I'm always the defendant
U claim u always right
In hindsight u just pretending
I swear I ain't do nothin wrong
But the drama never ending

This shit is on
Tried to violate the code again
Like an ex conVict
We pull a raid on his apartment
Make u answer to the streets
In yo stankin draws
And how would you like some cuffs all around yo paws
The thought of u getting off
Simply implausible
Even tho I'm spaghetti blacc from the flying saucer
Fully charged
Filthy spittin venom
Bangin like gavels
Till we angels up in heaven
Hangin like some gallows
U burnin from the limelight
Keep up with my shadow
Straddled on that saddle
Sittin like a desperado
Rollin 7-11s
To break up out my death sentence
Even if Niggas never killed me
All I got in my mind is vengeance
Track Name: x files mafia (my first pawn)
I look up to the leaves and see the wind
And by the time I move my first pawn
It's most definitely a win
Apply the flames to the game
Resulting dust with the scent of sin
I only call one man sun
Peep the Constellation of venison
Deer in headlights when I tailspin
Spilling secrets like roadkill
Leakin bleeding seeping
Bout to tear into you like I'm teething
Spaghetti blacc gotta eat
And I be preying constantly
Saying my grace
Bless these niggas by keeping em in place
But why they settling for a fate
Like I'm Finna accept requests this late?
And now allow me to demonstrate
The power of rhyme research
Spittin till my jaw pop off
And the mic hurt
So I take it to the cypher
Some shit u can't decipher
Niggas invade my circle
And end up dead on arrival
Definitely a psycho
Chanting death to all my rivals
Y'all ain't listen close enough
I only rip my verses from the bible
And add curses
It gets worse cuz
For bitch nigga it's curtains
Flip the script like I done glitched out
Without my meds
A hot mess
Make u run up out them pro keds
A throwback like spaghetti blacc with dreads
But Callin out the Feds for keeping other countries up in they bed

My niggas keep balm on they sleeves
Like new tattoos crew stay greasy
Unfeasible for you to beat me
When u can't read
Unreasonable for you to speak see
Keep it on the low like a speakeasy in queens
And I step in wearing 5 rings
Champion sweatpants saggin
I said fuck supreme
Why yo Pumas still draggin
U sposeta keep up wit my team homie
Yo mama a bastard
So they ain't got no word for you it seems
I ain't Hallucinating fools and fiends
Who clearly idolize me
So I know they still jottin down my rhymes as they despise
And every time I find a clone
Or pantomime I hand em a fine
At the drop of a dime
The world will be mine

The fuck you know
Y'all some qvc niggas
Talkin about u just played a epmd cd on yo pc
My species is like ox
Deja vu nigga
My species is like a ox
Proper vocabulary
Snap ya neck in half
Scams and lies get buried
Snack on them innards
And act innocent
Rapid fire delivery
And every incision is wit precision
People Peep my vision
Bring heat like nuclear fission
When I creep
Track Name: tested on deadbeat human fiends apocalypse remix
I b riding in the night
When that fye come out
And while u look up at the sky
I rip yo eyeball out
See I done stepped
Out the crypt with a weapon
We gon trade places
In fact it was destined
These people holla peace
I know they'll never claim it
They demons follow me
And it's because of my beats
My technique a staple
Off the wall flowin
Madness my language
Catching cases jus like Terrell Owens
U been duped by my poison
Go and tell ya boys
Cuz when u try and bite my spit
It just sound like hella noise
And underneath the shadow of a rose
It grows
Increase my dosage
Sting me between the toes like mosquitoes
Now I'm high voltage
Runnin my mouth like
I'm diagnosed with halitosis
But you wouldn't know
I gotsta get ghost
They administer my flow in pill form
With ya morning toast
And all I hear on the radio is
"Man down, man down"
the fuck u gonna stand now?
Slap the shit out a grown clown
In midtown
Like I seen u in a gown
It's goin down
& I don't really give a fuck if everybody drown
Ain't no time to vacate
Break a nigga faceplate
Stacking like the crime rate
Crackin like my mind state
Catch the nigga checkmate
Blacc sketti plus his essays
Droppin pennies like its bait
And break a cupcake
on his real estate
Track Name: Shadow of a Taboo (Earthenware+)
Shit this ain't no routine Ain't no way I oughta step Ima jus do me And say homegirl inspire me to be perfect Got me feelin hi Cuz U kno u that fly And The world don't stand a chance If it don't wanna see u advance And me I'm just that man A fan tryna understand How we lowkey psychic With the connection Mental telepathic Sensei my affection U and me makin faces I ain't mean no disrespect But I can't be trippin over my laces If I said I'm coming correct I know u must already got a lot on yo plate I'm sayin put me in the game And let me help wit the weight U been makin plans see But they don't include me And lemme break down To what exactly I am alluding Shit I know we got a lot in common And two heads work better I have a sneaking suspicion we gon work well together Let's join forces And cook up this shit And serve it on the porcelain Extra sauce of course man I'm just tryna see where I can help n support Ain't no one said u can't do it on yo own But all alone what's the point? Goin in like a savage Cuz the clearest way for you to understand me On all these levels Is if my treble flex Over all these decibels Get this shit lit And poppin like a festival Them hits I wanna dissect the science behind yo spit Understand every reference in yo ad libs & adjectives Before they hit the microphone I can see you on stage And the flow comin from yo lips When you spit Could unravel a tulip Even if u remain silent Amazing And the thought of me & u takin turns Bussin rhymes Back and forth at each other Till the sun rise Got me goin blind Having visions I can't keep inside my own mind For homegirl Ima represent Put it down in cement 1 time
Track Name: Om Sin
You know a nigga Finna die witta mug
Creep with me
It's the abominable
Son of Kong
Feelin like a navy sub
Off this buzz
Finna blow up
Just because
These niggas ain't show no love so
Who said I gotta be quick
to show muscle
Yo feathers rustled
Cuz u wrestling with lines
That's way above yo peak
Cuz every time I start to rhyme
It's like y'all cowards forget to speak
Forget the speakers
Ima spit some shit off the beat
Please believe me
I leveled up in the game so easy
Touching grains
Hook your eyes up to my brain
I hear it pours when it rains
Plenty niggas in this game
Pushing powder caine
Product every hour like its Prada
I don't want nada
Must dip and constrict to the shadows of Gotham
Get gaffled potna
My master plan poppin off
Like a copper badge
Covered in blood
U betta move like u got
A grasshopper's ass son
Track Name: Kingdom Hearts
I b
Meditating up under them waterfalls
Shadow boxing wit my spit
Get wet when I hit the mic
Flow stay current liquid movement fluid rabbinical
Peep the approach
Thousand flows spaghetti
Hit the fuckin microphone like a machete
Trippin balls switching identities
Like total recall
Ball till they put the homie name on the wall
Cuz I could get hype for y'all
Or keep it chill Still make you
Lay low like u crawlin
Better hit the flo
In my Jordan's
While I whip somn foreign
"Spit for em more kid!"
Pondering how I got to this place
Slanging hot mud with the flake
Like its Fuckin fudge cake
I keeps my rhyme technique
Up in a safe like Fort Knox
Fuck around and test me
And come up out of ya shell tops
Stealing gold teeth
Spitting secretly only in passwords and codes
Lookin frozen
Bout to fumigate the game
nothin but net gross unknown
I ain't boast or flex just take checks
Suddenly Checkmate like we playin chess
Should b focused on one piece
But I want the rest
Won't stop
Till I'm handcuffed
And in cardiac arrest
Drag me out the bar
Bacardi all up on my breath

There's a party up in hell
But My dell up in the sewers
My tape is coming soon
I dispell it out fo u so foolish
Track Name: Aegis Halcyon
Niju no imi wa Anata o yonde imasu
Shinrin wa chuku de Eko wa jiryu ni ido suru
Track Name: you know my fleet (digital clipping)
Blacc move first
Put them pawns in place
Coppers sent on another chase
Gwop spent on another case
Legal fees stay on my waist
Slangin cookies & I don't mean butterscotch
Beat the snitch with the butter sock
And dunk his face in some piss that's boiling hot & let him rot
Dribble the verbs in my verses
And kill vermin
Who next to learn
You cannot handle a jaw full of my skills
Tell em in person
Ya'll is worthless
You ain't got no team
But you claimin coach
Or OG when that shit ain't Finna float
My boat
You ain't my president
I don't even give a fuck about the pope
It's 2016
Y'all still got my peoples lookin po
But I ain't gotta take shit anymo
Even tho the cops is at my front do
Who they lookin for
Freak? Who dropped names?
I ain't playin
You recognize my fleet
Cuz this ain't eminent domain
Protection my own like a lion
And can't everybody fit on my boat
So stop cryin
Ain't no unity
So I stay at a snake throat
Cuz the next chance he get
He gon use me as the scapegoat
When I'm sposeta b coast to coast
Like space ghost
Worldwide and bonafife
Put it together like Legos
But I ain't hidin
And neither is my peoples nigga
We screamin black power cuz you cowards ain't our equals

U lookin feeble
Like u the only one hi enough to believe yo own lies
U hear the voice of my people
And it's the truth which you despise
Running yo mouth
Tryna hustle a whole country
Don't realize who's side we on you fuckin flunky
Yo laws can't touch me
Keep yo eyes on the game but peep the script and watch the timing
Everybody true colors gon come out shining

Not everybody be on my wavelength
Ain't of the same strength
Ain't learn the game yet
Toxic cult side effects
Multiply like rabbits
Peep my staggered tactics
Brain fried like cabbage
Paper bag mindset
Ain't been assigned to my crime yet
Gravitate toward flesh like maggots
Catch a fraction of my madness
Fresh for sale like y'all addicts
They got esteem control for yo soul
Youza simp sticking chumps
Starting fights lighting farts
Puffin blunts what you want?
Efficient human beings
So it seems
switch teams & Turn android
still flip like old Motorola phones
And stay paranoid