Orders of Magnitude (Chang'aa​!​!​) Feat. Spaghetti Blacc

by Blacc Ski Weekend Industries

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radio, water, timpani, church bells, sleigh bells, voltage, wind, trains, gongs, doors, heartbeat, vibes, phone, turntables, fireworks, beat, rap


Caw in a nigga ear
Clear like a hollow tip
Even if money talk
It don't spit like this
Like an empty ass square
In mid air
My nigga check this
We gettin reckless
Pull a nigga out a moving Lexus
If he start flexin
Guessing that he's gonna keep his necklace
We break his neck
Fo sho
the fake never get respect ho
My clip tearin flesh off ya neck bone
Come back with my grip kid or get let go
The tech know
Unknown crimes
Executed with flawless technique
Decapitate a cop in his motherfucking sleep
When a motherfucker creep
Nigga give me a reason
And I'll Leave yo block bleeding
Chopped off heads screaming
Nigga feel me
Can't see Nathan mo filthy
Than bloodshed
but dread just bleed from my head
The funk is infected
Punk Bitch get protection
I ain't tepid with the rep
Step with eleven weapons

I be all up in yo face with a pistol
pissed off miss fire
And still hit you with a different fucking missile
Burning bone and gristle
When these hollow tips whistle Quick
Reducing niggas when I pull a lick
With this arithmetic
The game get thicker
Quicker than a clock tick nigga
Rock a nigga chop him up
Or pop him take yo pick nigga
Yo wallet in my pocket
And yo bitch call me papa
Up in them guts reading entrails
When I slaughter yo daughter
I turn ya whole planet into fodder
Fuckin with a killer
Crushing toddlers with my armor
Who want trauma
I Stride like a live dive bomber
It's bonkers
I'm a stalker
Lost every cent of sense
Let bullets dispense
Like life ain't no expense
I expect my mind spent
Deflecting murder attempts
With that murderous intent
I keep yo spot tense
Flustered niggas combustin
Like c-4 explosives
Nigga if you front
You musta caught the wrong notion
put my spoon in a nigga's brain
crack a Crackas case open
Lace smokin
Eighths coke and dope
Got yo block chokin
Niggas say there's a cop
Radio in my brain
Explaining how the voices
Be driving me insane
And I remain
A couple of steps ahead of the pigs
They couldn't locate my game
If I scattered their brains
Cuz spaghetti blacc done never gave a fuck about a bitch
That's why I'm jacking bustas killin mothafuckas from my hip
Same shit different casket
When a nigga gets to blastin
Watch yo lips ol chap
I'm not the nigga to be askin
I let the glock bark one time
For my real niggas
Bitch niggas perturbed
Need refer to the nina trigga
Aka pay a visit to the wig splitter


released July 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Blacc Ski Weekend Industries New York, New York

Blacc Ski Weekend Industries

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